Introducing tag collections in Moodle 3.1 with Tag API overhaul #Moodle

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Tags which are used to map different types of content on the site will get a major overhaul along with Tag collections feature in the upcoming Moodle version 3.1
According to the Moodle Tracker issue MDL-50851 the tags API will introduces tag collections along with other major changes. This will allow to separate the sets of tags used in different areas. Tag collections can be created programmatically and locked or created by admin/manager.
Moodle Tag collections
The changes in the TagsAPI according to the Tag API 3 Specification are:

  • allow to use different tag collections for different tag areas (for example, user interests would be a completely different set of keywords than blog posts)
  • allow to enable/disable tagging in individual areas, not just one-for-all global $CFG->usetags setting
  • introduce callbacks in the components that will be responsible for displaying entries related to the tag
  • coursetags is no longer an option in block_tags, courses are now tagged with more conventional way
  • block_tags can display tag cloud from one tag collection only and also only tags used in specific context (course/module/etc)
  • improve “Manage tags” interface – it definitely needs some upgrade to 21st century
  • introduce templates for tag cloud and tag list

For more details about the status of the TagsAPI changes do check out the tracker issue here and the specifications here.
How you are using Tags in your Moodle course to increase the relative interests of students? Do let us know in the comments below.

3 Responses

  1. Hi, is it possible to @tag students in discussion forums? I want my students to be able to @tag each other in a discussion forum thus allowing them to communicate directly while in the forum.

  2. Hi Ismail,
    I believe that it is not possible in core Moodle. Better if you can try out other forum plugins like ForumNG and Advanced Forum if they provide the option to tag students. However, in my opinion it mayn’t be there.

  3. Hi Jaswinder
    Thank you for your suggestions, the tag function wasn’t found but we found some new features to incorporate into our platform.

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