Learning Analytics Roadmap: IntelliBoard For Moodle Student Data Empowerment [LAR Series #2]

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If you have started your research and experiments on learning analytics, some answer to “What do I want from analytics?” should have crossed your mind. From that, you have at least two ways to move forward. A: Set up a solution that tells you what you want from your students, so you can make better decisions. B: Embrace a culture of analytics that encourages everyone to use data to enhance their learning process.

IntelliBoard releases Learner Dashboard update to Moodle™ plugin

IntelliBoard caters to the B-team. They offer a Learner Dashboard plugin that allow students to track their performance and measure it against their learning goals.
IntelliBoard releases Learner Dashboard update to Moodle™ plugin

Learners can easily see past and upcoming assignments and quizzes from the Dashboard. A Grade Summary section shows them individual activity scores compared to peer averages.

IntelliBoard releases Learner Dashboard update to Moodle™ plugin

A graphical interface shows interesting correlations. Is time spent studying a robust predictor of grade? Dozens of reports, charts and graphs are available with the Intelliboard plugin.

Where does this place Intelliboard in the Analytics Ecosystem? According to the Moodle documentation on “dimensions of analytics”, the IntelliBoard plugin could be considered a “Proactive Reporting” solution. The course average serves as performance indicators which are displayed on personalized dashboards.

This classification is by no means authoritative. The variety of Learning Analytics options makes comparisons difficult and the Moodleverse is not immune. An active debate about specification of data and APIs is taking place. Independent efforts like Tin Can API (xAPI), for consistent data collection across learning and other “online experiences”, show a possible path. An unresolved issue in Moodle’s Bug Tracker about xAPI compatibility condenses the state of the debate. See our previous coverage on Tin Can API (xAPI) here.

IntelliBoard reports a userbase of 6.1 million learners across 288,000 courses from more than 900 sites.

Find out more and install the plugin through the IntelliBoard Moodle Directory page. It requires an account at (free 15-day trial available). Check out the GitHub repo here.

You can also schedule a guided demo of IntelliBoard here.

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