Making Moodle more Engaging by Rethinking Content Display

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The Sussex eLearning Team continues to push the envelope of Moodle aesthetics and usability. Most recently Paolo Oprandi posted about how they are cribbing from Facebook and other modern websites for inspiration as they modify how posts and information are displayed to students to give them a more engaging and interesting pathway through their Moodle courses.

When we are developing we often ask the question “What would Facebook do?” – or more generally “What would other user content systems do?”. Almost everything in Facebook is displayed on the user or group profile page – whether a discussion, a video or an interactive poll. Where the content is long the user clicks on it and the content is displayed more fully on the same page or within a dialog box.

A few of the features they are working on/have developed:

  • changing how reading lists expand/collapse to tighten up the page
  • changing how videos display
  • allowing course builders to build content into “click to display” areas which are hidden at first page load

The effect is quite amazing on the Moodle page. Check out the full post and comments at


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