Mapping How The Moodle 3.6 Stars Align. Moodle Forum Beat

Mapping How The Moodle 3.6 Stars Align. Moodle Forum Beat

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Weeks away from its bearing, Moodle Open Source Development Coordinator, Sander Bengma lists Moodle 3.6’s main threads the team is working on towards the November date, when the third “usability release” is is available across the Moodleverse.

Improvements to the Dashboard and Course Overview. Some of the most contentious debate in recent time begin here. It seems the team continues to find new user scenarios for which the page is not ideal. But we are not talking about bizarre circumstances. Many teachers deal with dozens of courses at once, and the dashboard does not do a satisfying job after just a handful of them. Customization option or better filtering cues are missing. Some of the fixes are straightforward. Most visited or “Favorites” on top, a “Hide” feature, lazy loading. At this moment, the discussion is on the “lots of great ideas” stage. You can follow it on the Moodle Tracker, Issue MDL-62870

Group Messaging. Formed by teachers, or by students themselves, messaging options in Moodle are expanding. Not that Moodler groups are dropping the many feature-rich messaging apps any moment. (Side note: Check out Moodle developers channel at Telegram. MoodleNet Telegram channel here.) Enhanced messaging controls will also come along. This has been in discussion since Moodle 3.2. Issue MDL-57272

GDPR Follow-ups. A human face to the format in which Moodle export data. Data erasure options for deleted users, its data still lingering. More granular retention periods, depending on activity or module. These and other features continue to show the developers’ commitment in anticipating complaints. Issue MDL-62331

LTI 1.3 Support. LTI 1.3 brings a much-sought after upgrade. It tries to reverse the dim adoption rates of the standard. Part of the issue involved security and privacy concerns. In response, 1.3 includes a “security framework.” Signing and encryption should be natural expectations. Link to authentication using a social network or any other OAuth 2 login is one of the key improvements. The Issue, MDL-62599, has been declared critical.

Fix analytical tools for random quiz questions for consistency across use cases. AKA the latest winner in the Moodle Users Association Project Development Cycle, it’s in line to become the fastest to be built and shipped in after voted. Not that is progress has always been smooth sailing. Do analytics belong at the end of the questions or in a different page? Check out the drama at Moodle Tracker Issue MUA-33

File and media support for assignment feedback. Teachers will be able to add supporting files to their feedback. They will also be able to record it as audio or video. Issue MDL-27520

Accessibility improvements. The “Boost” theme and the Forum will be the focus of development that caters to a broader ability spectrum. See all active Issues related to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, version 2.0

Read “Moodle 3.6 – Roadmap” at the Moodle Forum.

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