Merry Moodle 3.2 Holidays! ‘Early Bird’ Badge Recognitions

Happy Moodle 3.2 Days! 'Early Bird' Badge Recipients

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We believe developers who go the extra mile in keeping Moodle tidy and sleek for the benefit of the world’s learning community deserve to be acknowledged. Here are the recipients of Moodle official “Early Bird” badge, due to its compatibility testing for Moodle 3.2 just in time for its release.

We have covered only some of these plugins in the past. Check out our ad hoc curation here:

See the full list in all its glory below:

  1. Accredible Certificates and Badges
  2. Adaptable
  3. Adaptive mode (all or nothing)
  4. Annotate
  5. Associated input
  6. Attendance Module & Attendance Block
  7. Auth Development tools
  8. Authentication by IP
  9. Authentication via Google, Facebook, Github, Linkedin, DropBox, Windows, VK,
  10. Base
  11. BigBlueButtonBN
  12. Board (Grid and Blocks)
  13. BTEC marking
  14. Canvas
  15. Checklist Module, Checklist Block & Checklist Export
  16. Cloze Editor for Atto & Cloze Editor for TinyMCE
  17. Collapsed Topics
  18. Corrections
  19. Course Merge Helper
  20. Course Module navigation
  21. Custom Navigation
  22. Deferred feedback (all or nothing)
  23. DM e-Learning
  24. Enrol by user profile fields
  25. Evernote
  26. File upload
  27. FontAwesome Icon Filter
  28. Full screen
  29. Gapfill
  30. Generico Atto Icon & Generico Filter
  31. Grade reviews
  32. Grid Format
  33. Group choice
  34. Groups and Groupings
  35. Heartbeat check (eg Nagios / Icinga)
  36. Hijri calendar type
  37. HTML review table format
  38. Japanese Calendar
  39. Joomdle
  40. Klassenbuch
  41. Kprime(ETH)
  42. LDAP syncing scripts
  43. Lesson objectives
  44. Level up!
  45. Lightbox Gallery
  46. Links
  47. Markdown dataformat
  48. Masonry Topics format
  49. Mass Actions block
  50. Mathslate for Atto
  51. Mathslate for TinyMCE
  52. Matrix question
  53. Merge user accounts
  54. Microsoft Word file import & Microsoft Word table format (wordtable)
  55. Monitoring of learning plans
  56. Moodle eMail Test
  57. Moodle glossary entries
  58. More font colours
  59. Multinumerical
  60. oEmbed Filter
  61. Open Badge Factory
  62. OpenMeetings
  63. PagSeguro
  64. Pcast
  65. PDF feedback
  66. PDF submission
  67. Persian calendar
  68. PoodLL Anywhere, PoodLL Anywhere(Atto), PoodLL Database Field, PoodLL Filter, PoodLL Recording, PoodLL Repository, Feedback PoodLL & Online PoodLL submissions
  69. Portfolio
  70. Presentation
  71. Question Practice
  72. Questionnaire
  73. Quizventure
  74. Realtime Quiz
  75. Reengagement
  76. RegExp Adaptive mode with Help & RegExp Adaptive mode with Help (no penalties)
  77. Regular expression short answer
  78. Remote backup provider
  79. Remote course web service
  80. Remote courses block
  81. Reset Completion
  82. Restriction by course completion
  83. Restriction by language
  84. Roster
  85. SageCell
  86. Scheduler
  87. Semester overview
  88. Shoelace
  89. Stash, Stash availability & Stash snippets
  90. Students tracker
  91. Timestamp input
  92. Toggle preview
  93. UNPLAG Plagiarism Checker Plugin
  94. UpgradeDB
  95. URKUND plagiarism plugin
  96. Video Easy Filter
  97. Virtual programming lab
  98. WIRIS math & science, WIRIS plugin for Atto – Math & science & WIRIS plugin for TinyMCE – Math & science
  99. Word import
  100. Word Select

See the list at


Is there something special about plugins you would like MoodleNews to cover? Please tell us in the comments, reach us in Facebook and Twitter, or contact us!


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