Mobilize Students With Or Without A Classroom With These Moodle Mobile Tips

'Mobilize' Students With Or Without A Classroom With These Moodle Mobile Tips

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Mobile is here to stay, and teachers who Moodle are starting to take advantage from smartphones and tablets to keep teaching physical and online at once. A recent post on lists some suggestions to make the best use possible of your students devices for an engaging teaching experience.

Moodle Mobile In The Classroom

Embrace your students’ need to check their phone every five minutes, by planning a continuous stream of short-breath activities to complete during class. You can arrange a list of forum posting, quizzes and database\wiki contribution activities to complete during class, in relation to the day’s lesson, their personal lines of work or an open, yet relevant subject. Set each activity as mandatory, or award points for completion of an activity and set a minimum set of points.

More advanced implementations could involve a real-time interaction between content and student mobile submissions. The surface of what is possible for a high-intensity learning intervention, involving the smartphone’s audio and video recording, online interaction and multiple sensors, is barely being scratched at this point.

Moodle Mobile Outside The Classroom

The blog draws from a past interview with Juan Leyva, Mobile team leader at Moodle HQ. The recent upgrades to Moodle Mobile focus on a personal experience where connectivity and the presence of a teacher is no longer a permanent requirement.

There are two technological backbones for this model to work: a stable, in-app messaging system, and an increasing availability of offline content and activities. This is reflected in some of the latest features available for Moodle Mobile users.

Collaboration activities, such as in the Moodle Forums, are also important. Consider the different moderation rules that need to be established for a mobile-first interaction: encourage continuous contributions and better team communication and productivity. This could be helped by assigning team roles early on.

Both Moodle and Leyva suggest a “Mobile checkup” for a Moodle course before launching it for mobile-exclusive or -intensive students. This can involve:

  • Upgrading to Moodle to 3.2, to enjoy more compatibility and seamless interaction between devices.
  • Create content that will work well in Moodle. If you use external resources, make sure they are responsive, and adapt well to any screen size.
  • Choose in-app resources and streamable media over downloadable content whenever possible.
  • Launch only content that is immediately relevant and avoid a cluttered screen with a semester’s worth of sections and subsections. Leyva recommends Topics or Week Course Formats for this.
  • Involve other apps in the activities, ideally through “mobile deep linking“.
  • Use SSO or a similar method to simplify login.

No matter your approach, mobile is still an open field. Try, test, research and learn, and share your insight with the Moodleverse on the Moodle Mobile forums.

To read the original article, head to here.

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How do you use mobile for your teaching. Tell us in the comments below:

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  1. I teach a class that involves learning modern foil fencing. I’ve had the students get into groups of three, with one student using their cell phone to record the other two fencing. This has been helpful for students, but I’d like to put the videos on Moodle so students could review and reflect at their leisure. We’re putting Poodll into our Moodle implementation this summer, so I intend to use that to upload student fencing videos.

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