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This new module was recently developed and shared by Ossett School and 6th Form College on  According to the post, the Enhanced File Resources is,

  • Easier to use than standard “link to a file or website”
  • Ability to select and upload multiple files at once
  • Uses Moodle approved YUI library for uploads
  • Upload progress dialog shows progress of individual files
  • Handles file overwrites with skip or replace options
  • Automatically removes and warns about files which are too large for site or course
  • Literally 4 clicks necessary to upload as many files as you want

Video of enhanced file module in action (flash video).  Link to module at (note as of Feb. 16th, 2010 this was not yet approved)

Here is a link to download it directly from the Ossett School website.  This module attempts to alleviate the issues brought forth when uploading files individually to the course file directory.  Uploading them 1 by 1 from the same local folder can be tedious and wasteful.  With this new module–as highlighted in the video–you can select multiple files at once to upload them so that they appear as individual uploaded files on your main course page.

Image of the Upload Process/Status

A huge time saver if you’re displaying course files on the main course page (and not within a displayed directory).

As an alternative, save time by zipping up resources into a compressed file (.zip) first before uploading to Moodle.  Once uploaded, .zip files can be easily unzipped right through the Moodle file management interface.

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