Moodle 2.2 Code Freeze: QA Testing starts soon

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Two announcements from Moodle HQ this weekend set the stage for Moodle 2.2’s pending December 1st release.  The first announcement by Martin Dougiamas (@Moodler) mentioned that 2.2’s code will be frozen this weekend in efforts to focus on major bug issues and problems prior to the scheduled release in December.  The 2nd announcement by Helen Foster (@Moodlehelen) was to announce the upcoming QA initiative to help ensure that Moodle’s next release is stable and bug free.

According to Martin’s post,

We’re busy here on 2.2!   Starting today we are breaking the usual weekly integration cycle and moving into a continuous integration phase until the 2.2 release.

This week our very hard-working integration team of Eloy, Sam and Apu are (hopefully) landing the last big features for 2.2 from various sources before a code freeze this weekend (no new features after that).  See MDL-30160 for the many new things in Moodle 2.2.

On Monday 14th we’ll have everyone working on our usual functional QA to make sure there are no major regressions, and fixing any bugs that we find along the way.   Hopefully we should be all done in two weeks, and we can release on December 1 as promised.

For more information about Moodle 2.2 check out: or visit

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