Moodle 3.1 Plugins Triathlon #Moodle3.1

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With the release of Moodle 3.1 Beta version, Moodle HQ has announced the commencement of Moodle Plugins Triathlon for all Moodle plugins maintainers as done for Moodle 3.0 version. The rules as mentioned by David Mudrak are as follows:

  • your plugin must be tested for 3.1 compatibility,
  • all eventual regressions (including PHP notices) must be fixed,
  • the compatible version must be released in time of actual Moodle 3.1 release (expected to happen on May 23rd).
  • NEW – plugin must come with a valid PHPUnit and/or Behat test. The test coverage doesn’t need to be 100% but at the same time you need to make sure that it doesn’t cover only dummy tests.

Moodle 3.1 Plugins Triathlon #MoodleDev #Moodle3.1
Moodle 3.1 Plugins Triathlon

The plugins who will have all these checks done will earn a special badge in Moodle plugins directory like it was given for Moodle 3.0 plugins triathlon competition when 81 plugins got the Early Bird 3.0 Plugins badge.
So, if you are also a Moodle Plugin maintainer, then fasten your seat belts and update your plugins before the stable release of Moodle 3.1 and earn the Early Bird 3.1 Plugins Badge.
Thanks David for taking this initiative and keep on improving the Moodle Plugins ecosystem.

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