Moodle 3.10: Get Interactive, Get Offline, Get Paid!

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The latest version of Moodle 3.10 is already available for download and upgrade. While the team behind this release “warned” us that this would be a less feature-packed release, as most of it is focused on the big and juicy Moodle 4.0 version, expected to arrive in a year from now; there are a number of welcome, and a few outright impressive new features and enhancements.

So what does Moodle 3.10 come with? Check it out:

Get Interactive: Deeper H5P integration, content management

The integration between H5P and Moodle is only getting deeper and more flexible. You can embed an H5P on any page with a text editor —a H5P 360° Video activity would make for an amazing home page!—, or add it as a standalone course activity.

Other features include:

  • Site-wide H5P Activity Content Bank: Upload, store, share and reuse H5P activities. You can even update existing content, preserving the name, ID and URL.
  • Tutorials, videos and samples accessible straight from the H5P activity chooser.
  • H5P themes! Customize the standard grey bars and look of buttons and fonts. Use CSS to manipulate, standardize and harmonize the appearance of all H5P content on your site.
  • Empty content bank notifications.

Get (more) Accessible

  • Compatibility with Accessibility standard increased to WCAG 4.2.1: aria-hidden elements contain focusable elements. The aria-hidden HTML property allows to hide items that should not be recognized for assistive technologies, mainly because they are not relevant pieces of content. To ensure a consistent flow of content, users should not be able to select or “focus” on content inside an HTML tag with the property set as “true.” (MDL-68390)
  • For developers, automated testing using Behat includes WCAG compliance tests. (MDL-67687)

Get Offline: ZIP-format Moodle courses accessible anywhere

It used to be that you needed Moodle to access a Moodle course. Now —thanks to the independent Moodle Users Association— you can get all the contents of a Moodle course to access anywhere. Download them at the end of your course and you will be able to get all the interactions that took place when it was live, including your submissions. Download contents that are Files, Folders, Pages or Labels; with more types of content available for download in upcoming Moodle releases.

Get Paid: Enhanced payment gateways

For years, a basic PayPal payment gateway came inside Moodle, with additional options coming through third-party plugins.

  • Set up multiple payment gateways
  • Automatic enrollment upon payment feature available, site-wide or on a per-course basis
  • Set currencies, fees and surcharges

Get ‘Qazzed’ (Jazzed about the new Quiz features)
  • Visual Quiz timer: Enable a time limit for a Quiz, and students may be able to see a live countdown timer fixed on the Quiz page as they answer the Quiz questions.
  • Size limit for submission files: For Essay question type, you can set a maximum file size in addition to type.
  • Expanded activity completion criteria: Set a minimum of one or more quiz attempts, started or completed, as a possible criteria for quiz completion. Other possible criteria include a minimum or passing grade, or just view the activity. You can set one or all the active criteria as requirement (for example, 2 attempts and a passing grade).

Get Organized: Better Folder management, features

A good, long-time coming dose of TLC comes to the Folder and files view in Moodle

  • Folders expand on main Course page.
  • Thumbnail for image files
  • Click on images or HTML files to open on browser or app (instead of download)

Get More: LTI, UX

Learning Tools Interoperabilty (LTI) specification improvements:

  • “Deep linking” within LTI activity allows not just to access external content, but to open it on a specific page of location, and preserving parameters. (MDL-67473)
  • Easier “Dynamic registration” allowing for quicker exchange of data required to “consume” LTI activities without additional page loads or different interfaces. (MDL-67301)
  • Ability to keep track and load LTI access “history,” that is the number of times it has been accessed. (MDL-66934)

Get Moodle Desktop no more

On a related news, Moodle has announced the end of support for the Moodle Desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux distros. This also applies for customers of the Branded Moodle App (BMA), which will only continue to be offered for Android and iOS (iPhones and iPads). The new ZIP-format course option partially replaces the offline course capabilities.

Support and updates for Moodle Desktop will continue until May 1, 2021, with an additional year of security support for Branded versions.

Get Moodle 3.10

Find the links to download Moodle 3.10 below.

The latest version of Moodle requires the following technologies installed and running previously on your system: Windows or Linux (desktop or server versions); PHP 7.2 of higher with the mbstring extension up and running; Apache or NGINX HTTPS server; and one database engine between MariaDB 10.2.29, MySQL 5.7, Postgres 9.6, MSSQL 2012. Oracle 11.2.

The Moodle App and Branded Mobile Apps 3.10 are scheduled by late November. Users with automatic app updates enabled will received them on their devices as soon as they are released.

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