Moodle 3.4 On Desktop Will Introduce (And Reintroduce) Students To Moodle Mobile

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As of Moodle 3.4, all default Moodle features and activities are fully available online. But even though the world’s mobile user population grows endlessly, and thus Moodle Mobile’s user base grows too, internal Moodle Pty Ltd research shows the adoption of Moodle Mobile is underperforming. No exact data on Moodle Mobile use is available officially other than the figures at the Android app store, which reports 7,892 downloads as of writing. (Apple’s iOS store does not reveal download data.)

To promote mobile adoption, Moodle 3.4 will add links all over the LMS to announce and suggest to users that they access content on mobile. In most scenarios, a banner at the bottom of the activity will notify the user the content is available in the app.

The footer of every page will also display a link to the app download page at all times. If your organization uses the Branded Moodle Mobile service, it will link to its custom app directly. Organizations that do not have their own branded apps can use the default app, which offers the exact same level of functionality but with no brand-based styling. Admins need to enable mobile access for students to be able to log in.

A new block on the user profile will tell whether or not the student has already signed up and will add the link for them to do so for the first time.

The Moodle Mobile app gives Moodle HQ, as well as site admins, a few advantages in terms of the amount and quality of data about student behavior, which might be the other explanation for the enlarged level of app promotion. With mobile access activated, the Moodle Logs will start collecting information about mobile app behavior by students. The data are secure, encrypted, and visible only by IT admins (and by Moodle HQ if admins voluntarily submit them, in which case they will not contain information that allows individual identification of users.)

Read the update “Get access to or download the Moodle Mobile App easier in Moodle 3.4” at

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