Moodle 3.6 Ready For Download! Enjoy 8 Main Features Including Better Privacy, Snappier Interface, Group Messaging And More

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Updated on Dec. 7th: Moodle HQ Recommends upgrading to Moodle 3.6.1 instead. Read more.

The latest version of the world’s top Learning Management System is ready for you. After a 100% QA pass rate, Moodle 3.6 is finally available for download. Dozens of new features will improve your work as student, teacher or manager. You will enjoy more capabilities and control with a more appealing, snappier interface.

Moodle HQ has released 8 videos highlighting the most noteworthy features. But Moodle 3.6 brings lots of more small fixes to detected bugs, including security issues.

Let’s take a look at the main features Moodle 3.6 has to offer.


Course overview improvements

Enjoy a more customizable view of your courses. You can now sort, filter, hide and “star” them. This now keeps long lists of courses under control for better management and focus. Three views are available:

  • Grid,” which shows the course image covers debuted in Moodle 3.5
  • List,” a compact view that gives quick overview to the courses progress bars
  • Summary,” a more comfortable list with image covers, course description and course stats


New dashboard blocks

This is a main overhaul of the existing way to display courses, activities and deadlines. You can add the blocks and rearrange them on your dashboard any way you choose.

  • “Timeline” takes the list of all completed, pending and overdue activities. It separates them from the regular display. You can sort and filter them to. For example, you can hide everything but the activities due in the next seven days.
  • “Recently accessed courses” shows a list of courses you accessed in a recent period of time.
  • “Starred courses” lists courses the you have “starred” because they are important or your favorite.
  • “Recently access items” shows recent activities you opened from all courses. Standard Moodle and pluging based-activities will appear here.


Nextcloud integration

Nextcloud offers an open source cloud-based file hosting repository for people and businesses. It is the open source version of Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

With the Nextcloud integration, a “Nextcloud” option is available on Moodle’s File Picker. When sharing a file, you can choose to give access to a copy of the file, or a link to the file that lets you choose the editing permissions of other users.


Messaging improvements

Manage your contacts and decide who can reach you. If you are a student, by default you can only exchange messages with fellow course members. The option can be expanded so any Moodle site member can contact anyone, but you can still control who messages you.

As a teacher, you can enable live group messaging when creating course groups.

And no matter your role, you can add stars to messages, view contact information and accept contact requests.


Additional privacy settings

Keeping up not only with the GDPR compliance, but with improving your ability to control and protect personal data, Moodle 3.6 brings interesting and handy privacy settings.

These settings, which are also available in Moodle 3.4.6 and 3.5.3 include:

  • Ability to make policy agreements compulsory or optional. In the case of optional agreements, declining will disable access to certain functions, but not the whole Moodle site. For example, if the site has a “Media recording policy” and you decline it, you may not be able to provide or access media recordings, but you will still have access to everything else.
  • Bulk management and deletion of data requests from one dashboard.
  • User profiles show a summary of the data withheld by Moodle. Profiles also offer quick access to contact the Data Privacy or Protection officer of the Moodle site, and to make download and deletion requests.
  • And if you make a data requests, the Data Officer can send you a “human readable” HTML file with all your information stored in the Moodle site.


New badge features

Moodle has decided to join the Open Badges standard from the IMS Global Consortium. It has updated the Moodle Bagdes specification fo Open Badges v 2.0. This extended the features and details of badges.

This means Moodle Badges can now have versions, be language-specific and be linked to competencies in Competency Frameworks. (However, they are not yet linked with Moodle’s own Competencies.)

Badges can now be endorsed by certified issuers or badge verificators.

When you earn a badge, the site will offer a website with all the new badge details for public access.


Assignment feedback enhancements

As a teachers, you can provide media feedback. Upload video or audio, or record it straight from the Moodle text editor. You can also include images, PDF files or other documents as part of feedback.


Context freezing (experimental feature)

Admins, and users allowed by admins in specific settings (for example, teachers on their own courses), can “freeze” courses, course categories and course sections. This makes the parts of Moodle “read only.” Users can access the site but their actions will not be saved.

Read “Announcing Moodle 3.6!” at

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