Moodle all atwitter (a Twitter-like Theme for Moodle by @Moodledan)

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Here’s a great new theme for Moodle 1.9 which we previewed a few months ago.  The theme was developed by Dan Humpherson (@moodledan).  The theme features a familiar layout borrowed from Twitter but also boasts a cool, consistently available navigation style bar at the top of the page (for courses, profile and messages), a two column (both to the right) layout for the main and courses pages and a pretty neat style overall.

I am a fan.

Check out the screenshots below of the theme in action at (or check it out by logging in with student/student).

6 Responses

  1. The original and still a cracking theme for its day, even if I do say so myself.

    Still seeing a significant number of downloads on a month by month basis for a number of my 1.9 themes, I wonder If I should start dropping them to encourage new Moodle users to opt for Moodle 2x or legacy versions?

  2. did this ever make the jump to 2.0? I did a quick search at but didn’t see it available

  3. Afraid not, I have handed it out to a few people who were going to look into upgrading it to 2.0 but I’ve not heard anymore. I guess with Bootstrap on its way its a little superflous.

  4. I suppose, what about a Bootstrap/Clean child theme that looks like your original?

  5. Yes thats a much more viable option, may give that a trial once Bootstrap is solid.

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