Moodle Analyst – A new approach to Admin/Support activities, Analytics and Reporting

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Another great work by Moodle Community brought out a new report tool which provides a new approach to admin activities, analytics and reporting.
Nils M has shared his work done at the University of Darmstadt, Germany related to a tool to support Moodle-Admin activities termed as “Moodle Analyst”.  Since core Moodle makes many full page reloads necessary to perform even simple tasks, so this tool is realised under heavy JavaScript usage.

The goal for creating the tool was:

  • making frequently used Moodle functions more accessible (like user search, adding a user to a course, change or view the enrolment key or changing the visibility of a course).
  • processing and presenting relevant data in one place to better help identify issues instead of getting the information from different places in Moodle.

The current features of the tool are:

  • Fast search for courses (optional category filters include Term and Department) and users
  • Overview of the course:
  1. General Information
  2. Number of Users per role
  3. Enrolled Users
  4. Activities and Enrolment methods.
  • Overview of users and the courses they are enrolled in
  • Direct Enrolment of a User into a course (a course and user have to be selected)
  • Fast creation of new courses
  • Links to relevant places in Moodle (Course settings, Edit user, Delete course, change the visibility of the selected course)

moodle-analystMore information about installation guide, ticket submitting are located on the GitHub page of the project here.
I have also tried on my local development Moodle 2.9 site and it was working fine with few issues with language strings only. Please post your views about the tool in comments or else in the reference forum thread mentioned below.
Reference Forum:
Reference Github Page:

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