Moodle Desktop Spawns To Windows, macOS, and Linux’s Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian

Moodle Desktop Spawns To Windows, macOS and Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian Linux | Moodle Desktop Ahora en Windows, MacOS y Ubuntu Fedora, Linux y Debian

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An official release at, following Moodle HQ’s mobile lead Juan Leyva announcement at the Moodle forums, confirms that Moodle Desktop, a native, browser-free version of the open source LMS, is now available across desktop and mobile devices running the most popular commercial and free operating systems available.

Moodle Desktop debuted in early July with a version for Windows devices, including Surface tablets. Available only through the Windows 10 Store, it was designed to help IT departments at Windows-heavy institutions better manage the LMS permissions. For users, it provided an experience that rivaled the one they are used to on the browser, and even made some experiences faster with features like offline access.

With the recent announcement, Moodle Desktop is now available for devices running Windows 7 or later. It also expands its reach to Apple devices running macOS 10.9 or later. For iPads and other iOS devices, Moodle Mobile is available. In fact, both Moodle Desktop and Moodle Mobile are developed by the same team at Moodle HQ, and will offer the same core functionality.

An especially important news from the announcement is the availability of Moodle Desktop for open source systems. Moodle Desktop will be available for the following Linux distributions, with the version number indicating the oldest release compatible:

  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Fedora 21
  • Debian 8

Since the release of the first Moodle Desktop, users have reported some issues when trying to install it and set it up. Leyva has since made some clarifying notes:

  • Moodle Desktop for Windows 10 is available from the Windows Store. This version will not work for earlier versions of Windows.
  • Windows Stores around the world have different settings, which might delay the availability of Moodle Desktop for Windows 10 in your country. Leyva expects any delays not to be longer than a few days.
  • Users looking to install Moodle Desktop in Windows 8 and 7 should download the executable (EXE file) at This version might not work for some Windows 10 devices (including the Anniversary Update), like Surface tablets.
  • As mentioned earlier, Moodle Desktop and Moodle Mobile are the same core project and offer the same level of functionality. To enable access to your Moodle site using Moodle Desktop, admins should enable mobile services just like for Moodle Mobile.

Find the official documentation for Moodle Desktop here.

The Moodle Desktop download page can be found at

Read the Moodle Desktop announcement at

Click here to see the Moodle forum update “Moodle Desktop now available for Windows, macOS and Linux” by Juan Leyva.

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