Moodle Favorite A\V Recording Plugin Family Poodll, Now Moodle-Free

Moodle Favorite AV Recording Plugin Family Poodll, Now Moodle-Free

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For his next act, Justin Hunt will make his popular audio and video recording solution Poodll‘s unbreakable relationship with Moodle disappear. Thanks to the recent “Cloud Poodll API,” all users, Moodlers or otherwise, will be able to enjoy the increasing amount of features “Poodll Guy” continues to add to this beloved plugin family:

  • Online audio and video recording
  • Mobile support
  • Cloud-based video and audio file conversion
  • Cloud-based file storage
  • Automatic speech transcription for English and Spanish
  • Automatic closed captioning in English and Spanish
  • Varied and growin skin options

The “Cloud Poodll API” is not just a new set of features, but arguably a new approach to building functionality in a more flexible and functional way. Among other things, the “Cloud Poodll API” offers new accessibility features, and the security and reliability from the AWS cloud.

Hunt’s decision to “break the shackles” is not the first time a developer offers alternatives to their tools other than Moodle. Many of the Moodle plugins built by tech companies have equivalents for Blackboard or Canvas. Other subset of plugins offer great advantages beyond the classroom context, and it only makes sense to offer them outside any LMS. Ultimately, it does not have to be a referendum on Moodle. As long as more learners take advantage of open technologies for their learning, Moodle’s mission is being accomplished.

Furthermore, Poodll is not leaving Moodle anytime soon. Just recently a partnership with Moodle Premium Integrator Intelliboard was announced. It will allow users to get Poodll analytics on their favorite reporting solution, right within Moodle.

The “Cloud Poodll API” is already shaping how other plugins work, beyond Poodll. Hunt’s own “AI-powered” Read Aloud plugin is based on some of the cloud’s core features.

Read “The Cloud Poodll API has arrived” at

Documentation at

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