Moodle HQ launched its own branded official Moodle Mobile app service #moodlemobile

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Moodle HQ has launched the official branded Moodle mobile app service in the recently concluded MoodleMoot Australia 2016 (#MootAU16). The new service will be useful for the organizations and institutions who are already using Moodle for teaching, to engage, market and communicate with their existing as well as potential customers.
The Branded official Moodle mobile service is provided by the Official Moodle partners around you backed by Moodle HQ. You need to provide your Moodle Partner with graphics, brand colours, Moodle site URL, application name and description and support URL and Moodle HQ will get it done.
Moodle HQ launched its own branded official Moodle Mobile app service #moodlemobileApart from the mobile app, the Moodle Partner will conduct two workshops for you for:

  • one on app implementation strategies
  • and one for course developers on key factors to consider when building courses for delivery on mobile.

My views:

The new Branded Official Moodle mobile app service is a good initiative by Moodle HQ team but I feel that it is too much overpriced at $10,000 as the similar service is offered by Vidya Mantra – Moodle Partner from India at a much lower price of $1200 with almost similar offerings.
You can also give it a try by using the coupon code “MoodleWorld” to get the “Give it a shot!” package for free of cost and $100 off on the “Complete Package”.
What’s your opinion about the cost and benefits offered by the Branded Official Moodle mobile app. Share your views with us in the comments section below.
PS- Vidya Mantra is proud sponsor of MoodleWorld.

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