MoodlePulse: Can Your LMS Do This? New Moodle Plugins On The Block

MoodlePulse: Can Your LMS Do This? New Moodle Plugins On The Block

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Welcome to Moodle Pulse: New Plugins, Forum Beat, What ever happened to MoodleNet? And more!

Here are some of the just-out plugins for Moodle, compatible with the latest release, Moodle 3.10.

Let students select their cohort during enrollment?

Self cohort adds a simple option that lets users choose their own cohort.

Cohort options in Moodle offers powerful ways to organize segmented and differential learning experiences, from automatic course and learning plan enrollment, down to their unique team. However, it can be a challenge to assign hundreds of thousands of students into their unique cohorts, many of which should not wait until a cohort is manually assigned to them. This plugin eases a major burden by allowing students determine their own cohort from a pre-selected list.

Developed by Adapta‘s Daniel Neis, crack of the MoodleBrasil community aka Moodle’s Verde-Amarela. local_selfcohortgitlab

Log into your LMS in one click?


User key authentication lets you generate single-use URLs for users to log in from another application or service (or email?) without needing to submit username of password. It takes advantage of the Moodle Webservices API to provide:

  • One-click access to Moodle with instant login
  • Ability to automatically generate a new account if the clicker is a new user
  • Redirect to a specific Moodle page, course or activity
  • Click-to-unenroll

Developed and maintained by Dmitrii Metelkin, Brendan Heywood, Marcus Boon, Adam Riddell and the Moodle superstars over at Catalyst IT. auth_userkeygithub

Display the latest available courses from another LMS instance?

Remote courses block fetches a list of courses from another Moodle instance automatically upon page load. Meant as a way to recommend courses from sister institutions, it is generally coupled with the Remote course web service plugin and requires setting up the local web service on the remote LMS.

Built by Andrew Zito and the always dependable Charles Fulton, Senior Web Application Developer at Lafayette, a CLAMP member College. block_remote_coursesgithub

Updated plugins

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