Moodle Mobile 2.1 released on Play store (will come soon for iOS)

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Moodle Mobile 2.1 is released for android devices in the Google Play store and wil lsoon be available for Apple devices on iOS platform.
In a recent announcement by Juan Leyva, the developer of the official Mobile app on Moodle forums, the changes includes:

New Features:

  • New add-on: Course completion – Users can see course completion status if they’re allowed to. They can also mark a course as self-completed.
  • Errors in the app can be sent to our server to improve bug fixing.


  • Participant’s country name is now translated.
  • Loading a site or starting the app is no longer blocked until the site info is updated.
  • Improved accessibility.
  • If local_mobile check returns an unexpected response now it shows a warning and no longer blocks the authentication.
  • Deleted users are handled in a similar way to Moodle web.
  • Pull to refresh has been added to user profile.
  • The app is now able to detect local_mobile plugin has been installed to a stored Moodle site.


  • Fixed an error with Android notification IDs being too high.
  • Fixed errors with credentials not being stored in Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.
  • In mod_book, using pull to refresh now re-loads the current chapter instead of the first one. The same goes for IMSCP.
  • Fixed an error with files included in mod_book.
  • Fixed a problem with user profile images in recent discussions.
  • Fixed icon shown in push notifications when the app is in foreground.


  • An app init process has been implemented to handle processes that should be executed before the app is ready.

You can read the complete release notes here.

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