Moodle Mobile 2.9 Is On The Street

moodle mobile 2.9 release

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Connected 2023
Connected Conference OpenLMS announced today the release of Moodle Mobile 2.9 and, as usual, this update comes with a host of new features, updates, fixes and improvements.

If you’d like to read the complete release notes click here. As a recap:

There are two new features in the app:

  1. Users now have the ability to browse entries in the glossary. However, note that this requires Moodle 2.6 or better and the installation of the additional features plugin.
  2. The app can now be used to follow both course and activity links – allowing any activity to be displayed in the app as well. So, if you’re inside a course and click on a link to another course, it all happens in the app seamlessly.

There are also two improvements worth noting:

  1. If you want to style individual app pages as a part of a remote theme, you now have that ability because every page of the app has its own, unique CSS class name.
  2. Moodle has made it easier to find downloaded files in other apps (e.g. PDF browser) by ensuring they keep their original name.

Squashed bugs included things like fixes to the SCORM player, making sure that embedded videos play and that (hurray!) your long chat messages actually completely display in the app.

If you’d like to geek out on all of the details about the features, improvements and fixes, check out the tracker notes here.

And, of course, you can download the iPhone app here and the Andriod app here.


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How are you using the Moodle Mobile app? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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