Moodle Mobile 3.2.1. Is Out―Download It Now

Moodle Mobile 3.2.1. Is Out―Download It Now

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Since the release of Moodle 3.2, Moodle Mobile has kept up with the same number of versions. Following January’s launch of Moodle 3.2.1, Moodle HQ is releasing the corresponding Moodle Mobile.

The following activities updated with Mobile functionality are:

  • Glossary Activity. Users can add an entry with its definition and related resources right from their phones.
  • A notification with unread messages counter on the Messaging item in the main left menu.
  • A Site Home menu includes the same list of section available on desktop.

According to Moodle HQ Mobile team leader, Juan Leyva, Moodle is increasing efforts to guarantee a seamless experience between desktop and mobile. There are, however, a few features that require Moodle 3.2 to work, and others that require the Moodle Mobile Additional Features Plugins.

Manage Moodle Mobile from the Desktop Admin Panel

An increasing number of features in Moodle Mobile can be configured from the admin panel available on a desktop browser. These include:

  • Menu items (add, remove, edit, rearrange)
  • Custom language strings
  • Enable\disable features
  • Log out users from the app (requires Moodle Mobile Additional Features Plugins.)

These features are a taste of the increasing interaction and control between desktop and mobile, coming in Moodle 3.3.

Functionality improvements

Several aspects of the experience are enhance to provide a more readily and snappier experience. Video is downloaded in advance, text sections are responsive to the screen size, images are zoomable, audio continues to play when the app is in the background or the screen is off, the calendar can be filtered by course, and options for notifications are greatly improved.

An interesting new feature is the ability to add labels to courses, pages and activities. Adding them can be done directly when creating the content. These labels are then searchable and it is possible to filter them on results.

Bugs squashed

Here are some of the aberrations users will no longer have to deal with in Moodle Mobile 3.2.1:

  • The “send” button hid the phone’s keyboard in messages.
  • An “Error getting SCORM data” appeared when opening SCORM content.
  • Infinite scrolling in Calendar was inconsistent.
  • Headers jumped around when switching fields.
  • System task automator Gulp did not run in some Ionic server environments.
  • Pages in Wiki could not be created without a sub-wiki.
  • Conversation reloading stopped videos from working.
  • Site deletion in iOS had trouble.
  • iOS 10 media capture was unsupported.
  • Course site could not be seen on course list.
  • Missing language strings in Quizzes.
  • A post could not be replied when accessed through a notification.
  • Push notification did not work for iOS 10.
  • LTI launch option did not open a Mobile page.
  • Context menu hid when needed most.
  • You could not attach and submit videos straight from camera roll.
  • System emoji did not work properly.
  • There were reading issues on pages with CSS Gradients on devices that do not support them.
  • URLs with a “%” sign did not load.
  • The “Back” button only showed up in English.

Get Moodle Mobile 3.2.1

Download Moodle Mobile from the iOS app store or from the Google Play Store. Make sure you download the version updated on February 28th, 2017.

Clients of the Branded Moodle Mobile App will also receive this updates into their custom-made apps.

Join the Moodle Mobile forums.

Read more Leyva quotes at the release post on

Read the full list of new features, bugs and improved functionality on the Moodle Mobile 3.2.1 release notes at

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