Moodle Mobile 3.5 To Flaunt Revolutionized Look & Feel, Coming May 2018

Moodle Mobile 3.5 To Offer Revolutionized Look & Feel, Coming May 2018

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Moodle Mobile and Desktop team leader Juan Leyva has announced a complete rebuild of the Moodle Mobile apps (and Branded Moodle Mobile apps) for version 3.5, scheduled to match the equal version of the Moodle Core, some six months from now.

In the time leading up to the release, the regular Moodle Mobile continues to be updated, with soon-to-be-released updates for Moodle 3.4. But simultaneously, a subsection of the team is tackling a completely new experience with “performance and design improvements.” The end goal is to achieve perfectly seamless transition between Moodle 3.5 in desktop and mobile apps.

Moodle Mobile 3.5 will be compatible with Moodle 3.1 or newer only.

On a technical footnote, there are two caveats for Moodle Mobile users and developers:

Moodle Mobile Remote Add-ons

Moodle Mobile Remote Add-ons is the name for mobile-facing version of plugins. They are a piece of code within the Moodle plugin that loads when users access the plugin on the Mobile app or on a mobile browser (including a Progressive Web App version of Moodle) and they make the plugin’s functions accessible on mobile.

Read here: Moodle Developer docs: Moodle Mobile Remote add-ons.

For Moodle 3.5, the new requirement for Moodle Mobile Remote Add-ons is Ionic 3. Ionic is an open source framework that simplifies the development of mobile applications. Ionic 3 presents significant changes compared to previous versions.

Moodle Mobile for old devices

Moodle Mobile 3.5 will be compatible with Android devices running version 4.3 (“Jelly Bean”), iOS 7, or higher. Older devices will still have access to the latest compatible Moodle Mobile legacy version. The same applies to Moodle sites running versions before 3.1.

Read the post “A new Moodle Mobile app is on its way!” by Leyva at

“NEWS: Moodle Mobile 3.5 is coming in May with a new look & feel!” at

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