Moodle Mobile & Desktop Heat Up With Release 3.4.1, Ahead Of Revolutionary 3.5 Launch

Moodle Mobile & Desktop Heat Up With Release 3.4.1, Ahead Of Revolutionary 3.5 Launch

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A minor or “second point” release of the Moodle Mobile and Moodle Desktop apps has been announced by Moodle HQ’s Juan Leyva on the Moodle Forum. This is a scheduled release whose main goal is to continue to tighten the security of Moodle’s active versions for every relevant device and operating system. As always, site managers from all over the world are encouraged to recommend users to upgrade to the latest version, which in most cases is automatically delivered to students’ devices.

Even though the Moodleverse is looking forward to Moodle Mobile and Moodle Desktop 3.5 thanks to an anticipated announcement about the app to be built from the ground up, there are some small features that still make it worth upgrading in the mean time. Security fixes are a large part of it.

Beyond the security patches, some of the new abilities in the current generation’s final update are:

  • Download option allows one-click download of all courses in which the student is enrolled for full offline access.
  • A smoother playback of videos hosted on
  • A fix for an issue on the splash screen for Nexus 9 devices.
  • A fix to an error that made Moodle fail to display badges in users profiles.
  • A fix to an error that duplicated site announcements.
  • A fix to an error that preventes some translated language strings from displaying properly.

To ensure users have access to the latest Moodle Mobile, remind them to make sure automatic app updates are enabled on their mobile devices. Otherwise, guide them to the page in their phone system app store to perform the check and the upgrade if necessary.

Moodle Mobile 3.4.1 Release Notes at

Download Moodle Mobile and Moodle Desktop here:

Moodle Desktop for Linux-based systems

Moodle Desktop for Windows (Windows Store, including mobile Surface tablets)

Moodle Desktop for macOS (iTunes)

Moodle Mobile for Android (Play Store)

Moodle Mobile for iOS (Apple App Store, includes iPhone, iPad)

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