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Moodle HQ has opened their Moodle2.0 testing site to the public if you’re interested in getting a peak at Moodle 2.0.  The site is available at

From the site:

Welcome! This site is for helping with our Moodle 2.0 QA testing.

Here are some accounts for you to use:

  • Teacher – username teacher, password FunMood1ing!
  • Student – username student, password FunMood1ing!

The database and files are erased and restored to a clean state every hour on the hour, so don’t worry if you make a mess.

Also note that you might not be the only person using one of the demo accounts at the same time, so you may see unexpected things happen occasionally.

Note that this will give you access to the latest build of Moodle, however some functionality will not be working and no courses have been created.

If you’re interested in seeing a Moodle2.0 course in action, David Mudrák is looking for testers of the Workshop 2.0 module.  If you’re a current Workshop user, check out the discussion here ( and the testing site at

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