#moodle4iphone at mLearn 2010 in San Diego @ckiyan

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Carlos Kiyan (@ckiyan) of the Moodle4iPhone team ( will be presenting the web app at mLearn in San Diego this June 15-17.  During the session Carlos and his co-presenter, Inge de Waard (@ignatia), will focus on the history of their project (and it’s roots in rural health education), the future of the native app and an overview of the partners involved.

From the presentation’s page at the mLearn Con website,

This session will describe the pilot phase in which physicians located in 20 urban and peripheral Peruvian HIV clinics use ten Nokia N95s and ten iPhones equipped with portable solar chargers. The mobile phone system distributes critical reading, module revision, and suggested reading along with the clinical modules’ discussion. Though the mobile educational platform, MLE Moodle, originally supported the learning events and tracked students’ progress, during the mid-term evaluation, the physicians expressed their difficulties in using it. Taking into account their opinions, and after assessing the existing Mobile moodles, IMTAvH decided to develop their own mobile Moodle system. You will see the software they created that solves all the difficulties that the physicians had. They hope to launch this open-source mobile version during the conference.

If you happen to be in SoCal this June, mLearn Con and the Moodle4iPhone presentation would be a great addition to your summer plans.

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