MoodleNews Plugin Roundup, ‘Big Little Twists’ Edition

MoodleNews Plugin Roundup, ‘Big Little Twists’ Edition

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Asking users to sign documents with their names on top of a contract, statement, or tax filing, rather than at the end “significantly reduces dishonesty,” according to 2012 research published on PNAS. Small changes to how students think and frame their problems can have big impact on their behavior and resulting performance. Here are some plugins that might help you give a little nudge.

Ask them how they think they did or will do

Asking students about their perceived performance right before or after a test is hypothesized to correlate with higher performance long-term. The outcome could be promoted by penalizing or rewarding their own accuracy, which also help fights Dunning Krugger Syndrome. CBM is available on Moodle through this plugin, and teachers can enable a results display through CBM Grade Summary.

Moodle Docs: Certainty-based marking



Make content a privilege to be earned…

Gamification has proven itself in the classroom, even though most uses are short-lived. In reality, games –using a set of goals, principles, and rules– can be used to bridge languages and help students understand a given subject. The Level Up! plugin is a simple, powerful way to motivate students into completing their coursework, and now Frédéric Massart and the Branch Up team have expanded the concept with Level Up! Enrollment. Set this as the enrollment method of a course to make students work for access and gain a new appreciation for knowledge.



…While eliminating unnecessary transactional barriers

Not every kind of work can be justified as valuable or necessary for achievement. Get them to the real, meaningful challenges directly with Easy Enrolments (see video), a plugin that uses quick access numeric or QR codes to instantly enroll and lead students to any page of a Moodle Course.



Give feedback as instant and often as possible

Time savers are godsends for teachers too. The Feedback viewer plugin puts all responses from Feedback activities in a Moodle course into one page so teachers don’t have to spend time browsing for them.



Break everything into simple steps…

Checklists have been found to organize mental processes, for everyone from kids to high-level professionals, for their and society’s benefit. Bringing checklists to a Moodle course is a no-brainer with the eponymous plugin, which lets teachers add any and all activity into a progress bar. There are no limits as to the number of bars available on a course, but only up to 20 will be shown at a time.



…And give everything a deadline

The Set course dates plugin, as the name hints, expands upon Moodle’s default course date capabilities. It is useful when courses are orphaned or for sites running earlier versions of Moodle. Starting and end dates can be set individually or per category.


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