MoodleNews Plugin Roundup, Chocolate Bunnies Edition

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What would be the Moodle version of Easter treats and games? Here are the best answers we could come up with. Below is our list of interesting, fun, and ―why not― uplifting plugins, to match with the season.

Moodle Content Curation Block (See Video)

Compatible with Moodle and Totara, this plugin creates “curations”, or pages with content source culled from anywhere on the web. Scheduled updates can be set to make sure content is always up to date. (Free limited and paid premium versions available.)

Lesson PDF Export

A simple way to take your Moodle content on the go. It provides broad customization settings to format and brand files to your liking. It even features password protection. It supports Moodle Content and Activities, with some limitations.

Exploitation Technical Advice

This new plugin is an administrative tool with simple messaging functions on Moodle sites in production or undergoing development. This tool can be particularly useful when a site is undergoing maintenance. It creates a colored banner on top of the Moodle site, according to its “gravity”, from red to blue.

Group Management

This plugin extends the default Group functions, with rules for students to join set by the teacher, who can also assign them manually. Groups can be protected (with a registration key) or visible, with students being able to see members of a group before joining.

Cincopa Rich Media Assignment Submission

The Cincopa media service provides storage of images and videos through a dedicated Content Delivery Network (CDN) that speeds up access and saves time. Through the plugin, students’ interactive submission are uploaded directly to Cincopa’s secure CDN servers. (Requires paid Cincopa service.)

Adaptive Quiz

Check out this powerful tool to quickly determine a student’s level of skill through standardized questions. Add a list of questions with a difficulty score. When the student takes the quiz, the following question will appear according to their previous responses until a confident measure of skill can be gathered according to the peer-reviewed CAT algorithm. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available for Moodle 3.2.


This plugin adds a block connecting to the Panopto video recording and streaming service. Teachers can embed their Panopto-hosted content on a Moodle Activity page. Additional functionality includes buttons for the Atto and TinyMCE text editors. (Paid service with free trial available.)

Multi-Embed Filter

This Text Filter plugin recognizes URLs of files hosted by popular cloud services. Once installed, it recognizes those links and automatically adds an embedded version of the file. It supports Google’s G Suite, YouTube, CodePen, Imgur, Prezi, SoundCloud and TED URLs, among the more than 20 officially (and more than a dozen unofficially) supported services.

Video Chat

Creates a block where enrolled students can communicate via video chat using this feature. It uses the WebRTC protocol for live online communications, which means any WebRTC-compatible service can be embedded on the Block. The Video chat plugin recommends openandtalk.

More background Colours

A simple extension to the background color options in the Atto text editor. An admin can define the background colors available for other users when they edit text using Atto.


A “Search engine” type plugin that replaces default Global Search available in Moodle. The main attribute of Elastic lies in the Tika indexing system, an Open Source functionality that collects metadata from a wide variety of files. When Tika indexing is enabled for a Moodle site, a search using Elastic will show relevant results from web pages, PPT, XLS and PDF files, among thousand of file extensions.



This tool allows data migration between Moodle and many popular information systems. Compatible services include Salesforce, SAP, Magento, Mailchimp and Microsoft SQL. (Free and premium tiers available.)

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