MoodleNews Plugin Roundup for November: ‘Has This Ever Happened To You?’ Edition

MoodleNews Plugin Roundup November, ‘Has This Ever Happened To You?’ Edition

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Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar? Check out the links below to see new plugins for November.


You have successfully added a langpack to provide your students a language-immersive Moodle experience. But upon closer inspection, you find that some of the pack’s strings do not quite fit with your students. Never fear: Since you now have String override, you can save yourself the time of building one from scratch and installing it. Make a few key strings more exciting, thoughtful, or supportive with String override.

Find the plugin, local_string_override, here.

It’s finals week and teachers have set up quizzes and are allowing students multiple attempts at success. But there’s a problem: The bulk of students are trying to take the quiz during the same peak hours, reloading the quiz pages frantically to get another shot. Fear not: With Auto activate quiz attempt button access rule, a button appears automatically as soon as the next try is available. Admins can set up the reloading time in a way that controls spikes of server request. Auto activate quiz attempt button access rule: the cure for the excessively common F5 key press.

Click here for quizaccess_activateattempt.


Your faculty has been instructed to build content that is “accessible” according to the unique technological needs of your students. You get to see how they are doing, and then suddenly it dawns on you: The faculty may not know what accessibility is in practice! It’s time to get Accessibility report. Among other features, Accessibility report gives you an accessibility score on a per-item basis. (Subscription to Blackboard’s Ally required.)

The report_allylti plugin can be found here.


You have managed to encourage students’ niche interest with the help of specific forum discussions. You realize some of the posts are substantially high quality and could be valuable for the whole class, but students don’t feel compelled to explore the dozens of forums in the off-chance they find something interesting. Naturally, you enable Forum Aggregator. With Forum Aggregator students will see a block once they log in with the latest from all or any threads of your choosing.

Click here to find block_forum_aggregator.


You realize among your students there are quite a few “creative types.” They dismiss the linearity of essay writing and the “boxiness” of standardized activities with pre-defined choices and courses of action. How can you make sure you challenge them in a language they speak? Well, with Mindmap, of course! Use Mindmap to test their ability to see connections among concepts, even outside the scope of the course, and encourage a broader understanding that is also critically specific.

Find mod_mindmap here.


Your students have been producing awesome and interesting projects taking advantage of the free images available on the amazing information highway that is the internet. But suddenly it strikes you: Do they realize the effort that goes into creating these images in the first place? Your answer: URL downloader (Xpert). URL downloader (Xpert) will make proper attribution a mandate for your Moodle course projects. (Now also available for CC-licensed Flickr.)

Click here for repository_xpert_url.

Find the repository_xpert_flickr_public plugin here.


Say you have a limited number of resources you need to allocate among students or work groups, such as exposition topics. You can’t go wrong with the Allocation form. Students can add any number of subjects (up to a limit of your discretion,) and “items” can also have an arbitrary limit of assignees. Allocation form also allows for minimum and optional item selection.

Click here for mod_allocationform.


The next PTA meeting is coming up, and wouldn’t it be great to have some evidence to back up the inevitable conversations about performance and educational outcomes? Download itemized scores from activities using Rubric-based grading into a spreadsheet with Export Component Grades, then print it out. Bonus points if you make the grades available to parents before the meeting, a feature Export Component Grades could add in newer versions!

The plugin report_componentgrades is available here.


We all have to take a deep breath every time we need to use Skype, because the recurring technical difficulties by your students are becoming suspiciously reoccurring. How can you make sure the tool is properly set up in each student system? One word: Skype Web. At the moment Skype Web is a chat-only service.

Click here for block_skypeweb.


Something, you may not even remember what, convinced you to sign up for Arlo to streamline purchase processing. It might not have been a mistake after all! Arlo for Moodle lets you put the service to good use. Sell your courses allowing for several payment options, integrate it to your website, manage enrollments, service your customers tidily, get support for marketing, and even get a mobile app, with Arlo for Moodle.

Additional information here for enrol_arlo.

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