MoodleNews Plugin Roundup, ‘In The Hunt’ Edition

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Not only Justin Hunt is a prolific contributor for the Moodle code base and several talks at MoodleMoots. He is also an adventurer. From Japan, where he grew roots, PoodLL was born, a landmark example of what a “Moodlepreneur” is all about. Long time MoodleNews readers have followed his story with us dating at least to 2010. The once free “experimental language laboratory” is now a robust, affordable recording solution for professionals and institutions alike.

Previously in MoodleWorld: Moodle Community Interview with Justin Hunt – The PoodLL guy

The latest update to his PoodLL plugin family brings it up to speed with Moodle 3.5, sharpens functionalities and polishes a few issues. Notably, it implements the Privacy API, making it compatible with GDPR.

Let’s take a look at what Hunt got us:

  • PoodLL Filter (poodll_filter) The core functionality brings straightforward audio and video recording capabilities as well as a whiteboard, based on HTML5 for easy access from any modern browser. Teachers have access to several recording use choices, conditions and restrictions for students. Its installation is required for the rest of the family to work. It is also a landmark of how awesome Moodle text filters can be.
  • PoodLL Anywhere (atto_poodll, tinymce_poodll) A robust toolbar representing the best the family has to offer, thanks to carefully laid out buttons corresponding to PoodLL’s main features: audio recording, video recording, drawing, pic snapping and more.
  • Question type: PoodLL Recording (qtype_poodllrecording) Allows students to record question responses. High customization options with several skins. Supports access from mobile devices.
  • PoodLL Database Field (datafield_poodll) It enables PoodLL recordings to be stored in the Moodle Database activity. Fashion your own A\V repo!
  • Online PoodLL submissions (assignsubmission_onlinepoodll) It enables PoodLL-generated media as student work submitted as assignment.
  • Feedback PoodLL (assignfeedback_poodll) It enables PoodLL-generated media to be a teacher reply to student work. Video feedback is one of the uses of video with the biggest gap between request and delivery, according to a recent report by Kaltura.
  • PoodLL Repository (repository_poodll) It gives quick access to a personal library of recordings that can be added at a moment’s notice.
  • Button Maker: A Bootstrap-based, single-function, efficient example of a Moodle filter that, while not as functional as the next member, gets the job of adding recording and playback GUIs from a Moodle text editor done.
  • Generico Filter (filter_generico). A family companion that also serves many purposes away from PoodLL. Useful to set up special functionality that becomes available anywhere the Moodle text editor is enabled.
  • Generico Atto Icon (atto_generico). These companions to the Filter add a button to the text editors. Besides making it easier to add filters, it helps letting users know Generico is enabled, as otherwise they might not.
  • Snippet (atto_snippet) It generalizes the idea of a one-click content generation button beyond interactivity. Useful for saving time in use cases involving repeat information.
  • Skim Import (tinymce_skim). Now for something completely different, it displays annotations in Moodle coming from the eponymous open source PDF tool “nicely.” See for yourself.
  • QR Code. A barebones widget with 1-click generation functionality. Downloaded a record 3 times.

Access to the PoodLL plugin family requires a license, offered annually. 30-day free trial is available.

Check out every contribution ever made by Hunt to the Moodle Plugin Directory.■

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