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If your organization is still using Moodle 1.9 you’ll appreciate this additional information regarding the extension of support by Catalyst IT until December 2013 (Moodle HQ is dropping support this June 2012).

Read more at Dan Marsden’s blog:

Moodle HQ ends support for Moodle 1.9 Security fixes in June and there seems to be a large number of people in the community who aren’t ready to upgrade to Moodle 2 quite yet. I offered to personally continue support for Serious Security fixes until Dec 2012 and had a range of people get in touch with feedback(thanks!). I also sent a bunch of e-mails looking for someone to help to fund support for a longer period as the extension by 6 months wasn’t quite long enough for some people I’ve been talking with.

I’m pleased to announce that I have found a sponsor that will allow the team here at Catalyst IT to continue support for serious security issues with Moodle 1.9 until December 2013

Totara LMS is funding/sponsoring this work which is great! – hopefully this will ease the concerns of organisations who are not quite ready to upgrade to Moodle 2.

I’ve posted more info about these plans in the forums here.

My employer Catalyst IT is an authorised Moodle Partner and we have offices in UK/AU/NZ, we provide a range of services focused around free and open source technologies including products such as Moodle/Mahara/Drupal/Koha and many others.

Totara LMS is custom distribution of Moodle targeted at the corporate sector.

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