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The midwest group pursuing a new course format modeled on Facebook and Edmodo’s stream of activities has popped up on and is worth your attention if you are thinking of ways to make Moodle more socially interactive and meaningful at a glance to users as they login (think of each course having a dashboard for that course’s activities always showing what’s most relevant to the student).

Check out the full post here:

According to Chris Kenniburg,

It is a course format – just like topic or weekly. This is not a new activity or something like that. It takes over your entire course layout and is a combination of new Activities, permissions, filters, blocks and features. You should be able to switch from Topic format to our new Social and back again. You will still be able to add standard moodle activities and they will be integrated into the timeline. So if you add an assignment, it will automatically be added to the timeline as well as a special new Block to quickly find activities within the new social format.

New Timeline of Activities, posts, likes, comments
Ability to post new items to the timeline. Ability to specify groups to post to.
Drag and Drop files into post and have them attached to the post.
Post section is text only. No html editor.
Ability to filter the timeline by date, activity type, etc.
Special Block for displaying all Moodle Activities such as assignments, quizzes, wikis, workshops, etc.
By default only 5 comments are shown per post but can click to display all comments.
Ability and Setting to allow student posting.
If a gradable item such as Assignment is added, the posting will display a grade for the student when completed. For assignment it will also display teacher feedback.
Bottom of page will have a button to display more timeline events which load via Ajax.
Teacher can make a post sticky and stay at top of timeline.
Ability to lock commenting as well as private commenting.
Notifications – None, per post, and Digest formats.
Convert URL’s to show photo and link summary. Similar to facebook.

Personally I think the MyMoodle page is where something like this should be implemented coming from all course, but depending on the setup of your curriculum it might be a viable option to provide each course with it’s own dashboard (maybe there’s a user block later that could help to pull everything together at a level higher?).

In any event, exciting times for Moodle if a course can look like this,


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