NEWS FLASH: mTouch #iPad App announced (~Sept 10)

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Connected 2023
Connected Conference OpenLMS recently posted an update about their plans to develop and release an iPad specific app for Moodle:

It has become apparent that Moodle 2 has some time to get stable and ready for production and we suppose that at least during 2010-2011 people will keep using Moodle 1.9.

So we decided to publish special iPad version of mTouch and we are working hard on that version. We hope to publish iPad version of mTouch by the end of September 2010. mTouch for iPad will support same feature set as the iPhone/iPod Touch version with an optimized iPad layout. [link]

Shown is the Creatif Theme for Moodle 2.0 mocked up on an iPad (

4 Responses

  1. Although I welcome another mobile Moodle application I can only regret that development is mainly being targeted at the top end of the mobile phone market and exclusively for a particular operating system.
    I fully understand that developing applications costs money and that MTouch and the similar MPage solutions are going where the money is. Most future users however will probably have mid-market Android based phones, (if current tends continue). I note that Blackboard has not wasted any time and has just launched its mobile application free and compatible on most devices. And when I look at WordPress there are already a number of effective plug-ins (like WTap) which detect mobile access and display blog content correctly on most mobiles. Where are the equivalent Moodle plug-ins? MLE seems dead in the water and the enthusiasm I noticed at the beginning of the year seems to have melted away alas…
    Anyway keep up the good work Joseph, much appreciated.

  2. Hi there,

    I agree in some parts of the Nigel’s comment. Here are my points

    * iPhone and iPad are on the top end but iPod Touch devices are cost effective even for teenagers. mTouch also works on iPod Touch devices

    * We (mTouch) plan to publish also Windows Phone 7 and Android versions of our application. But as Nigel says development needs money and time, since mTouch is our side project the new platform support shall be financed somehow.

    * Android based mobile devices are not yet on mid-market, at least here in Turkey. An iPhone and an Android based phone has the same price tag

    * Moodle has, at least for version 1.9 and prior, lots of technical difficulties which are a serious barrier towards developing a universal mobile plug-in or application. But with moodle 2 I hope that 3rd party integration methods will be introduced like SOAP and REST services.

    * Blackboard mobile app is free for end users (students and teachers) but not free to the institutions. Since mTouch needs no server side installation we can not charge the institution so we have to charge the end users. But we still offer custom branding option to institutions so that their re-branded mTouch will be free of charge for their students.

    * Moodle is lot more complicated and feature rich than WordPress. So implementing a mobile plug-in for Moodle is a very challenging task, but this should not be an excuse. Moodle has a great community and I believe that we will come up with an universal and free solution somehow

  3. Nigel, thanks for coming by and commenting. Though I agree with your thoughts on Android becoming one of the world’s primary handheld OSs (I’m a Fandroid, what can I say), i think that it will take some time. A balanced approach to Mobile Moodle will be important. I’m excited that there are both (or soon will be) official and unofficial Moodle web/native apps for Moodle (a little competition is good for everyone).

    As far as Blackboard’s app, it is optimized for Android and iOS, however it’s hardly free (they quoted a few dollars per user when I spoke with them last). A free solution, at least one that will render specifically for Mobile viewing is a necessary move for (whether or not it’s official). I’m interested to see what happens.

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