October Moodle Plugin Roundup: Did We Miss Your Hidden Gem?

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The Moodle Plugin Directory is open to both free and paid plugins. The community is aware that plugin development could be a sustainable business model, where valuable products should find a way to exist and develop sustainably. Paid plugin developers, however, might find it valuable to offer trials or demos as the Moodleverse is a particularly active and picky community, something particularly great for businesses looking for early-stage feedback.

Make sure the plugin is compatible with your version of Moodle before installing and don’t forget to check out the latest posts on the forum thread (found at the end of the Moodle Directory page of some of the plugins.)


Mike Churchward likes to involve the Moodleverse as early as he can in his development, which is why the beta version of the plugin is available and “open for participation and discussion.” It lets you add custom extra fields in the description of users, courses, and even plugins. They can be used by all or selected user roles to filter and manage data.

Documentation (PDF)



Badge Awarder

This is a quick and simple tool that takes user performance information from a CSV-file-type spreadsheet to award badges automatically. It can also be used to create new users and enroll them in specific courses.



MEDIAL Video Feedback Plugin (Paid, Pricing unavailable)

Embed windows for streaming video and audio media hosted on your own server using the MEDIAL library. A MEDIAL Assignment Activity Plugin is also available.

Trial and demo available.



Free seats report

Get a report of Moodle courses with available slots for students, as indicated by self-enrollment or the Waitlist enrolment plugin. You can define a time period where seats remain available.



Course guide

Use a template to build a course guide with instructions, advice, and even a little style manual for teachers to give students guidance on a dedicated Moodle page.




Add a button to your text editor for easy adding or recording of video and audio as annotations to text. Media files will appear embedded for users reading the entry. Admins can restrict media types, bitrate resolution, and time limits.

Moodle Docs




Course recompletion

Another proof of concept plugin (not recommended for production sites yet) that sets time limits for students to fulfill all course completion criteria. If students miss any checkbox, all criteria reset. The student can be allowed to start over or prevented from trying again. Automatic reset even with full completion can also be enabled, useful in cases of annual re-certification.



Final countdown

Displays a countdown clock related to custom dates, even those set within activities of completion criteria.



Notify site administrators about new Email Signups

Get an email anytime a new students sign up using email. The notification is sent at the sign-up action, not the confirmation. It lets you modify the content of the notification email.



PLAGIARISMA (requires paid subscription)

The latest in the myriad plagiarism plugin options available for Moodle, this one supports a variety of file formats submitted to the Moodle Assignment activity. You can choose whether students can see their originality score, which takes up to 15 minutes to calculate. A sentence-by-sentence report with the source of the original text, if identified, is available.




ILP Integration (requires Ellucian service)

Standing for Intelligent Learning Package, ILP connects and synchronizes Moodle with the proprietary products by student and schools information management system provider Ellucian. Besides student, course, enrollment, and grade data, it can create retention alerts based on Moodle behavior.



Download instructor files

This one is a dead simple plugin that gives students one-click access to all downloadable course content according to the uploader, available on the navigation block.



Opcache management

OPcache is a tool for the PHP language that stores “precompiled script bytecode in shared memory, thereby removing the need for PHP to load and parse scripts on each request.” A no-brainer, right? This plugin brings an Opcache-GUI into Moodle to offer a visual breakdown of OPcache’s magic. As the plugin developers insist: If you use PHP, you must OPcache.




Feedback viewer

Display all responses from all Moodle Feedback activities from a course, filtered by user. A viewer for students can be enabled to visualize their own Feedback.



Download certificates (donationware)

Let students download all certificates issued on the site level, or one-by-one, individually or as a ZIP file. Teachers can also download certificates from all students.



Let the eternal love between Moodle and filters forever be! Add plain-text tags related to user fields to personalize user content. Display conditional content related to user role and enrollment status. Add contextual information to reports or message templates. Whenever a text field is available in Moodle, dozens of tags can be added to the mix.




Courses Usage Statistics

A plugin that answers the question: are Moodle courses used as expected? Do students think of your Moodle as a file storage service, a forum, or a fertile engaging activity ground? Developed by the needs of online Brazilian university, UFLA, to optimize resource allocation when developing courses and content, this one gives you a dictamen for courses based on usage statistics.



Get User Cohort

This simple, not exactly user-friendly script to find the cohorts to where a student belongs, using only their ID.




A straightforward adaptation of the HTML-based, open source “Literally Canvas” image editor



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