October Plugin Update: Slow Burn Of Next-Gen Learning Environments?

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These new or revamped plugins might not look very radical at first, but a deeper look reveal interesting angles not seen before. Think of their added functionality, and realize how they can open new doors for learning experiences.

Collapsible Topics Format


A no-nonsense plugin that helps students keeps both perspective and focus, all in a single click. Each module of a course can also be expanded or collapsed individually. Active modules with pending items will appear on focus, if the site has checklist active. Developer Jean-Roch Meurisse credits the Collapse Topics plugin for inspiration, and considers his Collapsible Topics Format as a strip-down version, with fewer customization options and a lighter size.

Kopere Dashboard


One of these plugins that make you think, “Why isn’t this available for everyone already?” Kopere is meant to give you a breakdown of your Moodle site. Stats like user volume and activity, page views and use of physical resources come together with individual updates in automatic feeds. It comes with a performance benchmarking tool and a static page creator, it is highly configurable and supports direct installation via git.

Annotate PDF advanced


An enhanced alternative to the built-in annotation tool in Moodle-based LMS meant to look as part of the experience with a few extra goodies. Comments, stamps, highlights, margin annotations to name a few. The “chained annotation” capability lets teacher and student ask and answer questions on the document. Site admins can customize the look of the plugin and hide individual features. When the process is over (actually at any moment) the student will be able to download the PDF with all the annotations made on it. Find a more complete user guide here.

Moodle plugin skeleton generator


This “spooky” skeleton plugin is available just in time for the season. Boo!

Perhaps the most influential project to ever come from a student in a Google Summer of Code event, the plugin automates many of the starting steps in the development of a plugin. The “skeleton” needs a few data inputs to generate the basic working files and create a path directory. You can also save your recipe for upcoming plugins. It supports command line interface.

Interested in becoming a plugin developer for Moodle-based LMS? Take this course:



Manage your Raspberri Pi’s Moodle site from the comfort of your laptop. Whaat?! You’ve never installed Moodle on your Raspberri Pi running Raspbian, nor heard of the open-ish Raspberri Pi project?

With the MoodleBox plugin, you have easy access to management options in MoodleBox, a server for Moodle-based LMS on the Raspberri Pi, a low-cost, small, “single-board” computer. The plugin will show you stats about your MoodleBox, let you set time, date and password, connect to the internet and restart or shutdown the tiny machine.



(See featured video.)

Talk about technologies that do not yet dictate our daily lives for unknown reasons. Dazzling Wooclap quickly gains the favor of faculty, students and investors who come across the snappy and hassle-free interface that allows students to stay actively engage in the classroom, not by banning phones but by making them part of the experience. A social learning playground lets students vote, ask and play as core classroom activities, in a list that continues to expand. Wooclap should definitely be on the radar of faculty and academic staff, especially at colleges or places where large teaching venues are a recurring element of the student life.

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