Oh, What A Lovely Assessment Activity

Oh, What A Lovely Assessment Activity

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All-Or-Nothing Quiz Grading Plugins Now In Moodle 3.5

Deferred feedback (all or nothing) was born in 2015, years into Moodle 2.0, the newest update at the time. When developer Daniel Thies imagined this and its counterpart, Adaptive mode (all or nothing), question behavior plugin types such as these seemed locked-in into a modern LMS experience that, while likely to change, it was unclear in which direction. Based in Alabama, Thies tends to keep Moodle’s evolution at arm’s length: honoring it with respectful allusion rather than with direct reference. And this is another one of those moments. Thies’ two elegant plugins recently turned to look towards the drone of a learning ally’s newest surface, ensuring an expansive Moodle 2.6 to 3.5 compatibility range. A triumphant, fourth-in-a-row Early Bird 3.5 badge row for both plugins adds a note of optimism, even if it barely registers. The focus, after all, is making the grading method on Moodle questions during assessment activities less decorative and textured. The plugins —for tests where scoring and feedback take place all at the end or as soon as the question is answered, respectively— remove partial credit for partially correct responses, the modernity of which had startled students and defined the rhythm of an age with unacceptable half-answers. Thies could cite the work of Stephen H. Fairclough, Louise Venables and Andrew Tattersall for the International Journal of Psychophysiology as his greatest influence, in which multiple regression analyses reveal that high-demand conditions can produce a unique “sustained learning effect” that lowers “mental effort during performance of a difficult task,” reduces time-on-task, and has a smaller weight on physiological variables (respiration, heart rate) compared to “naïve individuals.” Cognitive research in plugins are not a novelty, but few set the tone for Moodle 2+ and beyond. Thies’ ingenuity exemplifies some of what makes the open source LMS memorable, vibrant, and idiosyncratic, perfect for a new modern age.

Question behaviour: Deferred feedback (all or nothing) qbehaviour_deferredallnothing

Question behaviour: Adaptive mode (all or nothing) qbehaviour_adaptiveallnothing

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