#Pioneer Theme updated to a new version with block position toggle feature #MoodleThemes @kennibc

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Pioneer theme which is the latest entrant in the most liked Moodle themes, has been updated to a new version with new feature of toggling the position of the blocks to pick where the blocks appear.
Pioneer Theme for Moodle
This new feature gives you the capability to position blocks to the right or left of the content on your Moodle site. Among the other new features in the new version the ones to take a note are:

  • NEW! Position blocks to the right or left of the content.  We added a position toggle on the general settings page to pick where the blocks appear.  This has been a much requested feature as some people like the blocks on the left.  
  • NEW! New features give site admin more control over where the custom icon navigation appears as well as where the custom course searchbox. 
  • NEW! The My Courses dropdown menu now reflects the settings of the Course Overview Block giving control of the drop down menu to the end user.  Using the course overview block controls how many and the ordering of the courses in the drop down menu. 
  • NEW! “This Course” activity drop down menu at top of page with My Classes menu.  This mimics the activity block and will take users to listings of activities used in the course. Very effective if you just want to see assignments or just quizzes for the entire course.  

You can grab the latest copy of the Pioneer theme here. I really appreciate the continuous development work done by the theme maintainer Chris Kenniburg for this theme.
What are the other features which you like in the Pioneer theme? Which other theme you are using on your Moodle site and why? Do share with us in the comments below.

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