Plugin Developers, Rush To Ensure Moodle 3.2 Compatibility For ‘Early Bird’ Badge

Plugin Developers, Rush To Ensure Moodle 3.2 Compatibility For 'Early Bird' Badge

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Moodle 3.2 official launch is still a couple weeks away, but Moodle HQ has released a beta version in their official GitHub repository. This news were announced by David Mudrák in a Moodle forum thread.

The purpose of the early release is to let developers guarantee compatibility of their plugins with Moodle’s grand launch as soon as it is widely available.

To encourage developers prontitude, Moodle will award ‘Early Bird’ badges to those plugins that ensure plugin compatibility with 3.2 by the release date. Originally scheduled along with previous Moodle versions in active development or within security update timeframe, it was delayed to November 28th.

Ensuring compatibility involves testing and fixing the new use cases and possible bugs, warnings and notices. Mudrák advises:

«Please do not underestimate the actual testing (…) We reserve the right to grant (or even revoke) the award from a plugin if there is suspicion it has not been tested well.»

Developers looking to raise their profile should perform thorough testing of their plugins against Moodle 3.2 beta. Two outcomes are possible:

  • If all tests are successful and no changes are necessary, just update current supporting version number to 3.2. It could happen, Mudrák asserts, in cases of simple plugins or those tapping into APIs Moodle 3.2 is not touching.
  • If changes are necessary, add the new build to the plugin page on the Moodle directory and mark it as 3.2 compatible.

A final note on APIs: look for upgrade.txt files in the folders matching your plugin type. It could be more than one if the plugin requires another plugin, from a different type, to work.

Join Mudrák in the conversation here.

Access Moodle 3.2 beta in the GitHub repository.


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