Poodll Becomes Moodle Certified Integration, Launches New Audio, Video, Language, AI Features & Product Lineup

Poodll Becomes Moodle Certified Integration, Launches New Audio, Video, Language, AI Features & Product Lineup

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It was about time. Poodll, the encompassing language and media solution, is officially a Moodle Certified Integration. It is an acknowledgement of the contributions Poodll has made to the Open Source technology and community over the decades. It is also a symbol for a prosperous future for both parties and the community at large.

As a Certified Integration, Poodll will contribute to the future roadmap of the Moodle project. In exchange, Moodle will help promote the virtues and features of Poodll, at the same time helping them expand and branch out.

Poodll as a Certified Integration: What it means for users

Users and organizations who are already familiar with Poodll will find the announcement welcome, if unsurprising. Given the deep involvement of founder Justin Hunt —aka “Poodll Guy”— in the Moodle community over the years, not only veteran “Moodlers” are well acquainted with the person, the work and human qualities; the Poodll family of plugins is also an exceptional example of a deeper understanding of the powerful complexity of Moodle’s architecture, featuring:

  • A standalone audio or media player you can put anywhere there is an editable Moodle page
  • A savvy use of text filters that can “wrap” media files to display widgets and players of varying looks and features
  • Integration of audio and video into native Moodle activities such as Quiz, Lesson Database and many others.
  • Additional smart, AI-based features including voice recognition, transcription and automated closed captioning.
  • Generous storage limits per student, guaranteed for speed and reliability

A 2021 (re) introduction to Poodll; and the new Poodll Media and Poodll Languages

Poodll’s functional and philosophical cores have remained consistent for close to two decades. But the solutions and features have kept up with the times, evolving in at least 2 key fronts: The supporting technology, and the business model.

On the technology side, the use of cloud technologies and next-gen AI\Machine Learning algorithms in a Moodle LMS plugin was pioneering. To some extent, it still is.

The technology and new customer outreach efforts have also put Poodll’s business into shape. Expansions into Spanish territory; the creation of new Poodll Media and Poodll Language plugin packages; and of course, the Certified Integration distinction, which should expose a larger share of the Moodle users universe to Poodll.

Poodll Media

While Poodll provides robust Audio and Visual tools to support a wide range of teaching scenarios, these might often go unnoticed and under the shadow of the superb language learning and speaking capabilities. The truth of the matter is that the variety of audio and media players, widgets and filters, coupled with fast and robust hosting —keeping your Moodle storage intact— make for solid media superpowers.

The new Poodll Media is designed to provide a comprehensive media solution for Moodle. It is ideal for medium to high-intensity video and audio educational purposes, including recording and playback.

Poodll Languages

For the more language-focused features that earn Poodll most of its recognition, the Poodll Languages package brings them all in its full glory and then some. A specially exciting new plugin, the Poodll MiniLesson, lets you create a sequence of listening and speaking practice activities. While its name implies a short sequence, early use of the MiniLesson has shown teachers perfectly comfortable creating sequences with dozens of Poodll activities, and students eager to consume them at once.

Poodll Essentials and Poodll EnglishCentral

The iconic bundles remain available for those who want to have everything Poodll has to offer. Poodll Essentials bundles the complete Poodll family, including the classic Poodll plugins, the latest ones, and the guarantee that any upcoming new features will be readily available to users.

Last but not least is Poodll EnglishCentral, a collaboration between Poodll and Gordon Bateson boasting thousands of video-based speaking practice and assessment activities.

Learn more, try out some demos, or contact Poodll for purchase or partnership opportunities, at

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