Setup paid courses using Sebsoft's ClassicPay plugin

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One more addition to the new plugins this week is the ClassicPay by Sebsoft Plugins & Rogier van Dongen which offers you the possibility to set up paid courses. It uses the PayNL payment gateway to provide payments supporting a wide variety of payment methods.
According to the ClassicPay description:

The service is provided by Sebsoft.
Sebsoft will arrange for your registration at, and we will be able to provide you with the tariffs we’re able to supply.
The foundation “Stichting” will collect your funds, and pay out these amounts directly to your account.
This foundation is a so called “third party funds foundation”, so in case of any problems at, the foundation makes sure your money is safe.
Sebsoft will periodically bill you for the transaction costs. It is only this way we can provide you with this service correct, fast and easy. You yourself will contractually have an agreement with, where you pay the transaction cost to Sebsoft, and you will receive the money from “Stichting”.
You will receive this contractual agreement from Sebsoft, after validation of all required legal documents you (must) provide when applying for the service.
Potential Privacy Issues: When applying for a merchant, all information and legal documents will be sent to our service. Using classicpay plus, invoice requests will send some personal info (name, email) to our service.

More documentation about setting the ClassicPay Enrollment plugin for your Moodle site are here.
You can download the ClassicPay enrollment plugin from this Moodle Plugins database entry. The plugins is available for Moodle 2.7+ onwards.

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