Something More: AMC Special Moodle 3.3 Plugin Roundup

Something More: AMC Special Moodle 3.3 Plugin Roundup

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The Academic Moodle Cooperation (AMC) has announced updates to its plugin family (already a strong roster of 9) for compatibility with Moodle 3.3. The updates are the result of ongoing cooperation among AMC members and the Moodle community at large. These plugins are designed for general use across the Moodle site and its activities, often in the form of enhancements to default Moodle functionality. When you are taking a look at these, chances are you wonder why some, if not all, are not a Moodle default!

Don’t forget to check out the illustrative “cheat sheets” accompanying most of the plugins below:


For classes that use a predefined list of assignments or exercises, this plugin allows teachers to keep track of the tasks student are working on, either during a given session or throughout a course’s run. Before a session or delivery date, students can check off the activities they will be submitting at that time. The plugin can grade assignments automatically, or teachers can do the grading themselves, either in bulk or individually. The plugin also comes with an attendance tracking feature.

Find the mod/checkmark plugin at

Click here for the example and cheat sheets on the AMC site.



Grouptool enhances the tools already available for group management in Moodle, including automatic enrollment according to predefined criteria, multiple group participation by one user, and group join waiting list, among others. It also enhances the control of group grades, allowing grade transfer among group members.

Find the mod/grouptool plugin at

Click here for the example and cheat sheets on the AMC site.


MC Offline Quiz

Debuted at MoodleMoot Germany 2014, this hidden gem streamlines the delivery of pen and paper-based tests. Teachers can create their questions in a fashion similar to the regular Quiz activity and then download question and answer sheets made by the plugin.

After completing the pen and paper test, the teacher can then scan the answer sheets. The plugin will automatically convert the scans into graded answers. Teachers can correct grades and share the digital copies of the sheets with students.

Find themod/offlinequiz plugin at

Click here for the example and cheat sheet on the AMC site.



Participants can create events for others to join using the Organizer plugin. Students get access to enrollment pages, an enrollment status tab, and the list of upcoming events in the Moodle Calendar. Group and grouping restrictions for joining events is also possible with this plugin.

Find the mod/organizer plugin at

Click here for the example and cheat sheets on the AMC site.


Semsort (Semester Sorting)

this plugin displays a block where courses are grouped and sorted by starting dates. It features a “My Favorites” area where students can keep courses from any semester on top.

Find the blocks/semester_sortierung plugin at

Click here for the example on the AMC site.


Student Folder

Using the Student Folder plugin, users can upload files to a personal folder that they can later access or attach in submissions so that teachers can access the files. Students can also import documents from activities into the folder.

Find the mod/publication plugin at

Click here for the example and cheat sheet on the AMC site.


Grade Distribution

The Grade Distribution plugin displays a histogram of grades, which allows visualizing trends and common results in the activities of a course. It also helps students understand the equivalence between numerical and letter-based grading. Several display customization options are available.

Find the grade/report/gradedist plugin at

Click here for the example and cheat sheet on the AMC site.


Checkmark Report

This plugin expands upon AMC’s Checkmark plugin, mentioned earlier on this list. Checkmark Report displays a table of Checkmark results, with three types of views available.

Find the local/checkmarkreport plugin at

Click here for the example and cheat sheet on the AMC site.


Download Center

This plugin lets student get every course file and folder from an entire course as a ZIP file that keeps the folder directory. If the site uses AMC’s Student Folder (see above), they can come along into the ZIP.

Find the local/downloadcenter plugin at

Click here for the example and cheat sheet on the AMC site.

All the pages and cheat sheets are also available in German.

About AMC

AMC started in 2014 after a cooperation project between the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna. Over the years, more Austrian institutions have joined, which six in the group today. Since then, AMC works to create not only better Moodle solutions, but “support structures and the necessary conditions” for any organization using Moodle to deliver high-quality, harmonized services.

Read more about the AMC at here.

you can find AMC Moodle plugins at GitHub.

A list of contributions made by the AMC Academic Moodle Cooperation is available at the Moodle Plugin Directory.

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