TeacherTools.Digital, The Easiest Language Learning Assignment Tool Ever, Now With Poodll Superpowers

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It’s like an LMS without the -MS,” says Justin Hunt, aka “Poodll Guy,” about TeacherTools.Digital. A jovial comment to underscore the simplicity that goes into the tool, built by Paul Raine in 2019 (first as EFL.Digital), but in which Hunt is now actively involved.

TeacherTools.Digital was made with one goal in mind: To remove all possible frictions involved in the learning process, providing students with as many practical activities as needed to establish a consistent habit of daily practice, proven time and again as the one factor that predicts speaking competencies in the short to medium run (up to 6 months).

For those familiar with Poodll, the machine learning magic will look pleasantly familiar. TeacherTools leverages Amazon’s APIs for voice recognition, transcription, recording, compression and streaming; among many others. Despite the similarities, these have been built independently. At this time, the possibilities of TeacherTools are limited compared to the powerful, broad and flexible options available through the Poodll plugin family for the Moodle LMS. But with the agreement, we’re likely to see some announcements in that regard, perhaps next year.

How to use TeacherTools.Digital?

Sign up on the portal to see the 8 core types of assignments you can create:

  • Audio Recording
  • Multiple Choice
  • Read Aloud
  • Text Gap Fill
  • Text to Test
  • Video Gap Fill
  • Video Recording
  • Written Report

Build your assignment as you would on Moodle, or your LMS of choice.

When you’re done, get a “Submission Link.” Click to copy the short-form URL and share it with your students. You can leave the assignment open, or only accessible to a list of students, which you can enter or load from a spreadsheet.

To submit the assignment, all the students needs to do is clicking on the URL, from any desktop or mobile device. The assignment will load right away, so the student does not need to log in. They would only have to input their name, of select it from a drop-down list if you included one.

Assignments are automatically graded, and scores are instantly shown to both teacher and student, as well as available to download right away.

How much TeacherTools is enough?

The simplest answer: There is never enough.

A $10 USD monthly teacher subscription —$99 a year, with a 30-day trial available— gives you unlimited activities and student submissions.

Here’s what a back-of-the-envelope math reveals:

  • Let’s assume that each activity takes about 3-5 minutes to complete.
  • And let’s also assume, as suggested by research, that 15-20 minutes of daily deliberate practice is what it takes to achieve basic language competencies in a 6-month period
  • This would amount to about 4 activities per day, which coincide with one for each one of the core language learning competencies: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
  • Of course, Hunt would be the one to highlight how important and challenging speaking skills are. So we could add a fifth Speaking activity per day
  • Meaning that per month, 4-5 activities a day for 25-30 days (with or without weekends) leads to between 100 and 150 activities per month, all for the same price, regardless of how many students.
  • Within 6 months, a student would have completed 600 activities, encompassing 25 deliberate hours of practice.

Get started at to try them for free.

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