The developers of MoodleTouch talk about their new #iPad app

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Ali Ozgur was nice enough to lend us a few minutes and answer some questions about their new iPad app (due out in September):

Why the push into Mobile learning?

We consider mobile learning a very serious field which requires expertise in both application and user experience levels. Moodle is a fantastic LMS and we feel obliged to contribute to mobile aspects of Moodle which makes it stand out among the competitors like Blackboard and Sakai.

How do you differentiate Mobile develop for learning management?

Actively developing line of business applications in a local university, we are very close to students and we try to probe what they actually want from a mobile LMS application. Students want to be able to “touch” Moodle right on their mobile devices, they do not want a “Moodle page” full of information with no interaction.

Tell us a little about MoodleTouch for the iPad…how did you go about the design?

We redesigned mTouch for iPad from scratch. We did not choose the easy way, resize existing views and treat iPad as if it is a larger iPhone or iPod Touch and push every aspect of mTouch into a SplitView. We use tabs, multi windowing, fancy animations, modal views and pop-over windows which are all new concepts for iPad. We also plan to include some new usability features like bookmarking, saving content on the device for offline viewing and multiple copy/paste buffer.

One of the coolest things I’ve noticed about your app is that there’s nothing to install on the server as is necessary with your leading competitor, mBook.  That’s a huge benefit of using your app.

Yes that is exactly true.

We offer the “better functionality” for the “same price” and still require no server side installation or tweaking.

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