The Project Course Format: Fastest File Uploader in the West (or east)

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Commenter Don Hinkelman suggested I try out the Project Format for Moodle courses as a means of providing really quick and easy files uploading capability to a Moodle site.  From the comment [link],

The Project Format, released in 2008, can upload an unlimited number of files in one go and make each one of them as individual resources on a Moodle course page. Actually, it has fewer clicks than SFU because it automatically titles the resource by the name of the file, and uploading ten files all at once is a real time saver.

For this reason, the Project Format has been voted recently the 16th most popular download on the Moodle Plugins database. If you don’t need all the PCF functions, one clever programmer has pulled this auto-resource creator from the Project Course Format and made it a standalone tool you can install. Info here:

I’ve installed the Project Format to my test site and it really is as easy as Don suggested.  The course format is a little different (not inferior by any means) than the standard Topics format for the editing teacher, but for students there seems to be very little difference.  The added benefit of using the Project Format is easy management and creation of course file folders.  This alone is unequaled in file upload capability compared to any other module or plugin I’ve tried for Moodle which changes the upload process.  Here’s a screen shot illustrating how easy it is to upload files (in bulk no less!),

Once the upload is complete there are no screens to refresh or anything.  You’ll just see the progress % creeping up and then an automatic page reload will give you this outcome:

A few other benefits of the Project format:

  • Section delete (nix those extras with an easy click)
  • Section backup/restore (backup just the files, resources and activities for a section)

Project Format, where have you been all my life?

Here’s a quick video that shows how easy the process is [direct video link:]

2 Responses

  1. I used very often this format course…is very useful!! Fast to replicate few sections inside same course…

    I recommend it….but waht’s up with Moodle 2.0?

  2. The Project Course Format version 2.0 is now being programmed (lots of changes under the hood) along with its big brother, the ‘Sharing Cart’ also for Moodle 2.0. If you liked the Project Format, Joe, (‘where have you been all my life’), you will love the Sharing Cart even more. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Sharing Cart is a block for teachers that follows you as you roam across courses, cherry-picking individual course items (quizzes, resources, forums, etc.) and placing them anywhere you like. It can simply duplicate a course item as well. If you have common items you want to keep as a library of templates, you can set up folders in the sharing cart to keep them indefinitely, ready to pop into a new or old course. More info here:

    I can’t give you a firm date when PCF and SC 2.0 will be ready because our programmer said he ran into some Moodle Backup libraries that were not complete. Not sure what that means, but I suspect Moodle 2.0 has a few teething problems.

    Of course the big question is… why aren’t these kind of functions in Moodle core? I think the simple answer is that Moodle HQ developers are not teachers, so they pay more attention to the underlying structure (very important!). But teachers need to be the front line of design of new features and functions.

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