TimeStat Block Development is complete

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Lukasz Sanokowski has completed the upgrade of Moodle’s TimeStat Block to Moodle 2.5 and 2.6. The block will be released to the community (ahead of schedule) at very shortly. The new block accomplishes the same exact feature set as previous versions, however additional code was added to ensure that the browser window/tab for a user accessing Moodle is verified as active (minimizing additional time added due to windows being open but hidden or secondary).

A very special thanks to our generous contributors from the Moodle community that helped make this happen:

  • Classroom Revolution
  • Lib Ertea
  • Mart van der Niet
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

The block will be submitted to for the entire community to download. In the meantime checkout a few screen shots below.


8 Responses

  1. Unfortunately no, we’ve pinged Anthony Borrow at who approves the addon submissions. This is still pending release. I will definitely post here once the release is official at

  2. Matt, I do have an update. Due to the backlog in the Plugin repository it was originally delayed. However now that Moodle HQ is working through the backlog they informed us that they do not like how the Block adds a field to the Mdl_log table structure. In 1.9 this wasn’t a problem for the block. In 2.x it is for Moodle HQ so they have not accepted the block. We’re working on a way to fix it but there’s no tentative release date at the moment.

    Please note that all original funders of the project were provided the code as soon as it was released. It’s just giving it a home at that is delayed.

  3. Joseph – Could I have a copy of the code? I don’t mind that it won’t be officially Moodle approved. I also might be able to help propose a viable solution for Moodle 2.x. I am a developer myself. (


  4. For those really interested in this block, there is an alternative that also gives time, just not as accurately. It is called configurable reports and can give the time a user is online. Though timestat block can do so much easier and more accurately.

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