Try The ‘Boost Campus’ Moodle Theme’s Colorful Choices From Your Keyboard

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The University of Ulm in Germany is releasing “Boost Campus,” a child theme of Moodle’s default interface designed for universities. It adds interesting functionality without bloating the original theme. In fact, developers Kathrin Osswald and Alexander Bias strived to “keep the functionality from Boost from Moodle core as much as possible.”

(Not to be confused with the classic “Campus” theme for Moodle.)

Among the most interesting features not usually found across Moodle themes is the overriding behavior of keyboard commands. While this practice is controversial among UI designers, “Boost Campus” keeps it light, as it only affects the way it scrolls down content. Pressing the “End” key, or the shortcut “Ctrl” or “Command” and the down arrow, takes the user to the end of the content instead of the bottom of the page.

Another visible twist comes with added colors. Text and fields help highlight valuable information or warnings, such as incomplete forms. Other enhancements include:

  • Display title for Section or Week 0. By default, Moodle does not show it if it is unchanged, which some can find inconsistent.
  • Addition of a “Course edit button” for faster access.
  • Also easier to reach is the “Switch role” option for designers and educators to quickly check how a course appears to students.
  • Additional layout settings for image areas allowing easy addition of links and maximum heights.
  • Default homepage shows up on top of the collapsible NavBar, which is now “flatter” and has a dark version
  • Up to 10 background images for the login page. The theme will choose one at random each time.

Advanced features from “Boost,” such as preset files or raw SCSS processing, are still available in “Boost Campus.”

Install or download “Boost Campus” from the Moodle directory. It requires Moodle 3.2 or higher.

Motivation, documentation, and support for bugs can be found on the theme’s readme.

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