Unlock The Skilled Creativity Of Code Laboratories In Moodle 3.5 With This Plugin

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The Easy Java and JavaScript Simulations plugin (EJSApp) for Moodle remains a favorite and relevant solution for teachers looking to add a programming layer to their teaching. Giving the impending and unassailable presence of software across every field, subject and human activity, code simulation tools like EJS are only likely to grow more popular.

In its version 3.1, released early this month, the EJSApp plugin becomes compatible with Moodle 3.0 up to 3.5. Upon installation, it is already a robust computing solution, but its real power and a wide range of applications come clear with the laboratory capabilities. EJSApp offers two: Virtual and Remote (Real) simulations laboratories.

With the Virtual laboratory, a series of libraries are available which offer a realistic representation of how natural phenomena behaves in physics, chemistry and engineering, among others. They behave much like “real-world engines” from realistic video games.

With the Real laboratory, EJSApp provides access to real-life centers of experimentation. Depending on the laboratory, the plugin gives students access to real-time results, with live graphic or even video streaming, of experiments that can be commanded through code from the Moodle site. EJSApp handles the connection as well as the scheduling.

EJSApp is part of a plugin family, highly recommendable to use in conjunction, as they allow for download and storage of EJS applications and “experiment state” files, laboratory booking, collaborative sessions, and remote lab configuration.

To learn more, read the documentation, browse the simulations gallery and choose one to use with EJSApp in Moodle, visit the official site at Universidad de Murcia.

Find a free simulation (OER) repository at

See it in practice in the University Network of Interactive Labs Moodle site at

Install or download EJSApp from the official Moodle Plugin Directory. Don’t forget to check out the EJSApp plugin family.

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