Up The Moodle Admin’s Game With Our May Plugin Roundup

Up The Moodle Admin’s Game With Our May Plugin Roundup

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Data Privacy

One of the new GDPR plugins, Data Privacy assists with users’ requests for their information and instances of use by providing a “request processing workflow.” Available only for Moodle 3.4.2, 3.3.5, and newer. tool_dataprivacy



Another GDPR plugin, Policies lets admins easily create general site policies and specific ones, including privacy, intellectual property, late assignment, cookie policy, and more. The plugin tracks policy changes and consent (mandatory for using the site) given by users to each one. It is also compatible with Moodle 3.4.2, 3.3.5, and newer only. tool_policy


Meta-course synchronization to groups

For users who were automatically enrolled into a course according to a previous enrollment (also known as “course meta-link enrollment”) this plugin automatically builds student groups and populates them according to their “origin” course. local_metasync


Admin settings config plugin adds a “setting type” to other plugins installed on a Moodle site for better organization. The settings must be added in the JSON notation for data management. local_adminsettingsconfig


Commander / Quick navigation adds an action list, which can be pulled up by a keyboard shortcut and whose items can also be accessed using the keyboard to make navigation faster. local_commander


Initials Profile Pics plugin creates graphics based on a user’s initials to set as their default profile picture if they haven’t uploaded one. Color, font, size, and transparency can be customized. local_ciabinitialsprofilepics


Import all or nothing format plugin turns multiple choice questions extracted to an XML file into an “all or nothing” format. By default, multiple choice questions in Moodle are scored according to negative or positive points brought on by the chosen responses. This plugin simplifies the process by making the question 100% correct if all the right options were chosen, or 0% otherwise. qformat_multichoiceset


Restore courses from remote Moodles in both Moodle sites that are “remote” or “external” and “local,” it links the sites and brings courses from the “remote” Moodle into the “local” site. If it helps you understand the plugin better, think “old” to “new” Moodle sites, or “backup” to “active” Moodle sites. Course filtering, categorization, and scheduling options are available. block_my_external_backup_restore_courses


Leganto reading list; Clear Lessons Video plugins connect the Moodle site with the commercial repository bearing its name. Leganto is a reading lists service. Clear Lessons is a Professional Development-focused video platform.




Simple Clock Clock shows the server and the user’s time, which is most useful when they are not one and the same. block_simple_clock


Azure Search Microsoft Azure Search as the default engine in Moodle’s global search box. Azure Search is a paid service, whose indexing quality depends on the subscription tier. Unless you run Moodle on a Microsoft Azure cloud, stick with Elasticsearch. search_azure


Manual grading by student usual grading method available in Moodle lets teachers grade quizzes one question at a time. This plugin adds a “per-student” report view, which lets teachers grade one student at a time. quiz_gradingstudents


Recent badges plugin adds a block that shows a list of recently awarded badges to students in a course, the whole site, or both. Customization and badge sizing options are available. block_bs_recent_badges


HTML (on cohorts) any HTML content to a block which can only be seen by students in the selected cohort. Create as many HTML blocks as you want! block_cohortspecifichtml is a commercial (paid) plagiarism tool that can be integrated into the Assignment, Forum, or Workshop workflows. It supports several file types and more than 10 languages. Free 500-character sample available. plagiarism_strike


JazzQuiz lets you improvise in the middle of a quiz by allowing you to add questions during the taking. Also useful for quick live polling. It sports exporting and review options. mod_jazzquiz

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