What’s new in Mahara 17.04 – Check out these exciting new features #mahara

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Mahara – the most popular open source ePortfolio system, is all set to release the new version with exciting new features and improvements. The upcoming version i.e. Mahara 17.04 is now available under RC (release candidate) release. Hopefully, it will be released before this weekend.

New Features in Mahara 17.04:

The new version of Mahara has a lot of enticing features like:

  • App Style Navigation – The navigation changed to a more app-style like one that users already know from mobile devices when viewing Mahara in responsive mode.
  • Combined pages and collections – Pages and collections are displayed together on a screen as portfolios. There is no more switching between the “Pages” screen and the “Collections” screen to find out which pages exist and which ones are in a collection.
  • Use LTI for single sign-on – Mahara became an LTI provider allowing other systems that are LTI consumers to connect to Mahara for single sign-on purposes.
  • Access portfolios updated by friends – With the “Friend activity” option in the “Watched pages” block, you can see quickly when friends of yours created or updated their portfolios to which they gave you access.
  • Print a portfolio page – The new print stylesheet allows you to print a portfolio page without showing the URLs.
  • Show the size of a folder – The size of a folder is displayed in the Files area for a quick overview when reviewing the storage quota without having to look at each individual file in the folder.
  • Delete a page via the page itself – Delete a page when you are directly on it so you don’t need to go back to the Pages and collections overview page. This avoids the accidental deletion of the wrong page.
  • See access time restrictions in notification – You can restrict access to a portfolio for other people to a certain time frame.
  • Show only other people’s portfolios in the “Latest changes…” block – Your personal portfolios are not displayed in the “Latest changes I can view” block anymore. You only see other people’s portfolios to which you have access.
  • View the last update time of a page – Anyone with access to a page can see when it was last updated at the bottom of the page below the comments section.
  • Access your mobile device’s camera – When you are on a mobile device and select to upload a file, you can take a photo, make a video or an audio recording (Android only for audio) directly.
  • Use regular formatting in résumé area – You can use regular formatting options in a number of résumé fields for better display of your information.
  • Add and display custom profile fields – Add custom profile fields in a local file in the code. You can also display any profile field in Administration → Users → User search.
  • Removal of MochiKit JavaScript – MochiKit JavaScript is an old JavaScript library that is not actively developed and thus doesn’t receive new features.

Here is a video recording of the presentation by Kristina Hoeppner (Catalyst) at Mahara Hui in Auckland, New Zealand, 7 April 2017.

What are the new features in the new version which makes you feel excited? Share your voice with us in the comments section below.
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