Why you should seriously consider H5P for creating interactive content #h5p @H5PTechnology

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H5P is getting popular day by day because of the ease it provides in creating, sharing and reusing the interactive content. Before H5P it was a real pain to share and reuse the interactive content created on one platform due to the way the older file formats worked. H5P as a de-facto standard for interactive content has the potential to open the world up to the sharing and reuse of interactive content in a way never seen before.
H5P has changed the way how you can share the interactive content files among different platforms. Before H5P, if you want to share any such content, you need to send the file along with the instructions to reproduce similar content on the other system. H5P gives you the ability to share the interactive content as simple as sending a copy of the interactive video as you would an email attachment.
The H5P file format takes a completely different approach. Instead of describing the content through a standard, it itself is the content. And it comes with default code for both editing and displaying the content.  That means that the content will always work, look and feel the same on all platforms and devices.
Founder of H5P, Sven Tore Griff – shared his vision about the H5P project as:

When interactive content can be shared as easily as an image or a song, it will finally be able to harness scale and openness of the web. 
With the H5P file format, a mathematics lesson explaining Pythagoras’ theorem can be created by a high school in Norway then translated and reused by students in Egypt who could add their own changes then shared again to another school in China. 

Why you should seriously consider H5P for creating interactive content #h5p @H5PTechnology

Making the Most of H5P & Bootstrap:

Dan Jeffries – Head of Online Learning at Improve International, delivered an outstanding presentation during the MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017. The presentation is focused for the teachers who don’t have any coding skills. Dan shares simple tips to use the Bootstrap hacks and H5p content in the Moodle course. Check out the presentation recording below:

Recently, there are few more new content types released for the H5P project: Speak the Words, Audio Recorder and Agamotto. 
Have you started using H5P yet? Do you want to give it a try? Check out the official H5P website at – If you have any questions about using H5P with Moodle, just post it in comments and I will be happy to answer.

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