William Mano, ‘Most Talented’ Open EdTech Dev, Needs Your Help To Build Revolutionary Timelime Course Format

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The name William Mano may sound slightly familiar, but the “Moove” theme for the Moodle LMS definitely does. One of the most consistently used themes by sites around the world —Brazilian in origin, I have seen it deployed in African and Asian learning environments—, “Moove” received the honor of LMSPulse readers who declared it the best Moodle theme of 2019.

Mano, Certified PHP and Zend Framework developer and Scrum Master, provides EdTech consulting and development services, often on behalf of his own agency He’s also been a main figure in the long-haul community-building efforts of Moodle Brasil, the only country that hosts 2 jam-packed MoodleMoot conferences every year. With some donationware support, Mano has shouldered the costs and the development process for “Moove” almost single-handedly, a feat not all that uncommon for open source volunteers. Which makes its status as a highly dependable tool —privacy and accessibility friendly—, deserving of 6 “Early Bird” compatibility badges in the last 7 Moodle releases including the latest, Moodle 3.9, all the more laudable.

Now, Mano wants to take things a step further.

Introducing —with your support— The Timeline Course Format for Moodle

Learning live with Professor DuckDuckGo, Goku, and el Chapulín Colorado

For his next act, Mano wants to modernize the way courses present themselves. With the New Timeline course format for Moodle, he proposes a live timeline, where course updates, such as posts and replies, appear to the user as soon as they are posted, for a modern social media site feel ready to replace the usual topic or weekly course formats.

Timeline is applied the same pleasing, efficient layout of “Moove,” making the pairing a cohesive combo of aesthetic and snappy performance. But don’t take our word for it. Let Moodler extraordinaire Chris Kenniburg show you the work in progress:

It’s high praise when a most talented Moodle developer calls you “one of the most talented Moodle developers.” Kenniburg notes the Google Classroom inspiration, which itself borrows plenty from social feeds that allow users to comment and reply underneath. But this it only a starting point, as Timeline leverages the power of Moodle’s unmatched flexibility and sheer number of available activities. From a single feed, students can see all of the course activities, and any conversation related to the activity including their own courses. If activity completion is enabled, Timeline will respect it, showing the checkbox for the activity and its status. A one-click option conceals all the social activity, but the teacher may choose if their own announcements hide along with everyone else’s or remain visible.

Other features in the roadmap include:

  • One-click posting. Comments and updates will appear in real time.
  • Social mentions. Add ‘@’ and start typing the name of a user to find it in an instant list. Users can choose to be notified when they are mentioned. The mention becomes a link to the user profile.
  • Sorting and filtering. Watch comments by date in ascending or descending order. Show and hide comments and activities by type or completion status among other criteria.
  • In-page editing options.

Faithful to the open source principles, Mano prefers to raise funds to support the development for Timeline and keep it free. Kenniburg has donated already, and you are welcome to do so.

William Mano, Certified PHP Zend Developer, Scrum Master, and… Jiu-jitsu golden medalist
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